Lyon’s Festival of Lights, made accessible through Open Payments

21 / 02 / 2024

In December millions of visitors flocked to the to the renowned Festival of Lights in Lyon, where France’s second city was transformed into a magical wonderland. Throughout the event, the public transport network (#TCL) played a crucial role in connecting people to the various shows and art installations.

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lyon festival

Worldline's innovative Open Payment service was widely embraced by festival-goers, offering a seamless travel experience while providing the best value fares. Over 25% of the event's tickets were purchased using Open Payment.

One of the key features was the multi-tap functionality, allowing families and groups of friends to effortlessly use a single bank card for group travel, making it a standout choice for festival-goers traveling together.

The success of the Open Payment service at Lyon's Festival of Lights highlights Worldline’s commitment to transforming the way customers experience public transport, providing convenient, flexible, and efficient travel solutions.

From cash to contactless: Open Payment improving the way passengers travel in Lyon. 

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