Mobilising tomorrow – Worldline outlines its commitment to customer-centric travel at Transport Ticketing Global

21 / 02 / 2024

Join Worldline at Transport Ticketing Global to find out more about our commitment to enhancing the daily lives of citizens and consumers through the power of transport. Worldline's presence at TTG symbolises its resolve to lead the charge in transforming mobility into an accessible, sustainable, and user-centric experience, reflecting a profound understanding of the interplay between technology, human wellbeing, and ecological sustainability.

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Worldline is set to have a major presence at this year’s Transport Ticketing Global (Olympia London, 5th – 6th March 2024), the world's largest smart ticketing and mobility event.

Attracting the industry's most influential leaders from across 65 countries, TTG is the forum where the future of public transport is both dissected and debated, offering an unparalleled platform for professionals to network, share insights, and discover cutting-edge advancements in smart ticketing and mobility.

As one of the event’s platinum sponsors, Worldline’s participation at TTG 2024 underscores our commitment to championing Mobility as a Service (MaaS), showing the ways in which the convergence of transport and technology can lead to ground-breaking innovation.

The route to innovation

The future of MaaS is dynamic and promising, with trends like artificial intelligence, blockchain, and 5G technology poised to further enhance the UK and European public transport sectors. These advancements promise to make MaaS solutions more efficient, secure, and customer-centric.

For Worldline, TTG presents an opportunity to demonstrate our technological prowess and share invaluable insights into emerging trends that will transform public transport. It is a catalyst for collaboration, enabling us to align our solutions with the evolving needs of the industry and ensuring we remain at the cutting edge of MaaS technology.

Our platforms enable seamless, multimodal travel experiences, integrating a wide range of public and private transportation into a single, accessible and integrated service. By offering advanced payment services and innovative ticketing solutions, we are redefining how people interact with public transport systems through MaaS – and there’s no better place to showcase this than TTG.

Thought leaders and trend setters

At TTG, our goal is to not only exhibit our latest offerings but also to engage in meaningful discussions about the future of transportation. We aim to connect with industry leaders and policymakers, driving debates and discussions around future strategies and upcoming schemes.

Asiya Jelani, Sales Director at Worldline UK & Ireland will be opening the conference with a welcome speech after playing a key role in last year’s Women in Transport panel discussion. As testament to the importance that TTG is placing on the issue of gender parity, Asiya’s speech will touch upon the transformative effect that women can have at all levels on the transport industry.

Paul Drummond, Global Transport Ticketing Director, will be taking part in a panel discussion at the event on the social and economic benefits of Open Banking, as well as the challenges in implementing the policies and infrastructures for it to thrive. Paul believes there is a clear opportunity for the UK Government to support a payments and identity scheme with government guaranteed data security and standards, but transport operators will also need to get on board.

Finally, James Bain, Chief Operating Officer at Worldline, will give a presentation that calls into question the claim that we’re currently going through a radical Open Payments transformation. This session aims to delve into the current landscape of the payments industry, prompting a rigorous evaluation among technology providers, operators, and regulators. The focus will be on intensifying efforts to enhance the accessibility and transparency of Open Payments challenging the existing ecosystem to commit to more significant advancements in this area.

Through these speaking engagements at TTG, we will solidify Worldline’s position as an industry thought leader contributing significantly to the discourse shaping the future of public transport.

Final stop

As we gear up for TTG, we are excited about the opportunities the event presents for Worldline and the broader transport community.

Our participation in this event is a testament to our commitment to innovation and excellence across the transport industry, and especially the MaaS sphere. We look forward to engaging with you and other industry leaders, discovering new trends, sharing our insights, and contributing to the evolution of smarter, more sustainable transport solutions.

Join us at TTG to witness how Worldline is driving the future of mobility, shaping a new era of transportation that is open and accessible, public by default and by definition smarter, more integrated and better connected.

James Bain

Chief Executive Officer, Worldline UK&I

Paul Drummond

Global Transport Ticketing Director

Asiya Jelani

Director of Sales, Worldline