Live Shopping.

Check out how this new shopping trend connects with customers and is transforming retail.

Illustration Live Shopping

Live Shopping creates a fun, interactive and immersive way for customers to try out and buy products from the comfort of their home, engaging directly with retailers and influencers in real time. 

Fact or fiction?

Live Shopping has been mainstream in China since 2018 and is on the rise. Take up in North America and in Europe has followed swiftly with major brands joining the party as merchants see the potential of shopping with livestream videos that allow retailers to interact with customers in real time. It’s already widespread in the fashion and beauty sectors, with increasing interest from consumer electronics, food, furnishing and home décor brands.

This new form of digital commerce is set to bring a number of advantages: 

  • Shoppable links in livestream reduce purchase frictions, facilitating instantaneous purchase (“See now, buy now”)
  • A Worldline pilot study showed that Live Shopping can increase sales volumes threefold in Europe.
  • This interactive, immersive technology is a great way to get new customers on board: 50% of those who joined a live shopping experience in the pilot were new customers.

One day in the future, virtual reality will become the access point to the internet for many of us. 

Worldline is partnering with Livescale to offer merchants a digital tool that optimises live shopping events with a simple Live Shopping payment solution.

Worldline proposes different offerings tailored for small and large merchants. The technology that supports Live Shopping is already being used successfully by some large brands.  

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