In a cashless world, who gets left behind? | Infographic

03 / 07 / 2024

As the world transitions towards a cashless society, it's crucial to consider who may be negatively impacted by this shift. This infographic delves into the groups at risk of financial exclusion and the potential solutions to ensure that everyone has access to digital payment solutions.


After the publication of the second edition of its Navigating Digital Payments report, the Discovery Hub explores the topic of financial inclusion in an increasingly cashless world.

This insightful infographic examines the potential negative impacts on some people, such as the unbanked, elderly, and digitally unskilled individuals. It shines a light on inclusive payment solutions like UPI, Pix, and M-Pesa Africa, as well as innovative technologies such as biometrics and Gen AI, all aimed at ensuring comprehensive financial inclusion. Furthermore, the infographic underscores the importance of financial education and regulatory measures to promote digital financial inclusion.