Navigating Mandatory Instant Payments: The Challenges and Tech (Session 2)

10 / 04 / 2024

New regulation dictates that instant payments will become mandatory for payment service providers (PSPs) within the EU. This presents tangible benefits for EU businesses and citizens, from greater security to efficiency. However, new rules and regulations create additional complexity, and understanding these challenges is key to overcoming them.

In our second installment of this series, Worldline and experts will discuss:

  • The challenges faced when making the jump to instant payments
  • Navigating the challenges of the Verification of Payee service
  • A look into the shift from transaction-based sanctions screening to customer screening
  • The move to mandatory bulk instant payments
  • What the new legislation will solve
  • And much more!



  • Bruce Dodworth, Sea Glass
  • Henrik Hodam, Worldline
  • Piotr Romaniuk, Worldline



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An Introduction to Mandatory Instant Payments (Session 1)

The Council and European Parliament reached the agreement that instant payments will become mandatory for payment service providers (PSPs) within the EU, as outlined in the legislation from the European Commission. This decision will have a particularly strong impact for banks and non-bank PSPs. Understanding these changes, what they could mean for your organisation and how to navigate the new landscape is essential for success.

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A Guide to Instant Payment Adoption: Future Proofing Your Business (Session 3)

The instant payments regulation will have a significant impact on the way credit transfers in Euro are carried out, impacting the EU across industries from financial services to retail. Making the leap to instant payments for payment service providers is a large investment, and cohesive strategy is needed to get off on the right foot.

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