Worldline sets new industry standard with dedicated Consulting Services for e-commerce customers

Paris La Défense — 26 / 09 / 2023

Worldline [Euronext: WLN], a global leader in payments services, is introducing a dedicated Consultancy Service for its global e-commerce customers. The Worldline Consulting Services team will deliver unique consulting services to improve the performance of online payments, optimise processing costs and maximise online sales. The new service has been in beta for 18 months and has proven to yield valuable results for them. Worldline Consulting Services sets a new benchmark in the industry as the company evolves to becoming a strategic growth partner.

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With the rapid evolution of technology, payments systems have undergone significant changes, making it challenging for businesses to keep up with the latest trends. Worldline’s Consulting Services helps improve understanding, harness revenue benefits and elevate payments operations. This is particularly effective in optimising operations in existing markets as well as identifying new markets where cross border transactions and revenues are rising rapidly. The launch is part of Worldline’s strategic objective to assist online businesses’ on their growth path and give them a competitive edge.

The highly skilled, multi-disciplined team of consultants located across the globe allows Worldline to add consultancy services on top of transactional processing which is a move away from the traditional ‘plug and play’ model most industry players offer. The new and unique service brings together three key offerings:

  • Solution design and checkout user experience: a team creates frictionless customer journey to improve the online consumer checkout experience and implement the best practices from the industry of the customer. Worldline also keeps customers up to date with the latest market trends and invite them to join innovative product pilot programs to stay ahead of their peers.
  • Online payments authorisation rate optimisation: this is one of the most important KPIs in the industry. A team of experts deep dive into customers payment data and analyse the accounts setup, credit card BINs, rejection codes, and other data points to improve payments performance. Consultants benchmark the performance with other players in the same industry and leverage on the data from all the different stakeholders in the online payments value chain to maximise the authorisation rates.
  • Multi-currency pricing and FX management: this service allows customers to price goods and services in foreign currencies (around 150), while continuing to receive settlement and reporting in their home currency. This can also include value-added services like guaranteed FX and tailored consulting services.

By utilising the combined expertise of these three teams, customers can benefit from the best practices from the biggest global players in the payments industry in a highly structured fashion. Taking a blended approach of the best software technologies available and highly skilled payments experts enables Worldline to be close to its customers on their strategic journey, helping them open new geographies and advising on local practices and regulatory challenges.

Early indications suggest that this approach can help businesses improve their authorisation rate up to 10 percent depending on the industry and region, leading directly to a decrease in charge backs, fraud rejections and 3D Secure (3DS) errors.

Matias Fainbrum, VP Worldline Consulting Services, commented: "In payments add-on consultancy services have typically been offered in a very transactional fashion with the express aim of selling additional products. Worldline Consulting Services has been set up very differently. We are adding a bespoke, value-enhancing layer on top of our existing customer support so our customers can optimise the way they operate.

Worldline Consulting Services is designed to help global online businesses continue their growth and success. To learn more about Worldline’s Consulting Services offer visit our dedicated website.

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Worldline [Euronext: WLN] helps businesses of all shapes and sizes to accelerate their growth journey – quickly, simply, and securely. With advanced payments technology, local expertise and solutions customised for hundreds of markets and industries, Worldline powers the growth of over one million businesses around the world. Worldline generated a 4.4 billion euros revenue in 2022.

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