Worldline is proud to be selected by Lithuania to securely mark and monitor tobacco products

Bezons — 01 / 03 / 2019

In accordance with the European Union’s Tobacco Product Directive (EUTPD) (2014/40/EU), Worldline has been selected by the Lithuanian State Tax Inspectorate to provide the software solution that will generate and issue unique identification codes (UID) – read the official announcement here.

La Défense, Paris, France

The issuing of such UIDs per EU Member State forms the cornerstone of the European Tobacco Traceability System. The UIDs must be requested and then applied during the production process on any cigarette or other tobacco consumer packaging. Based on the applied coding, economic operators involved in the tobacco trade will be required to record the movements of the products throughout the supply chain and transmit the information to the EU system. The System consists of several connected databases accessible by authorities of the EU countries and the Commission for enforcement purposes. The system will help to more effectively fight illicit trade in the European Union, which causes a loss of around EUR 10 billion to European and national budgets every year. The system will give full transparency to the tobacco supply chain and represents the most comprehensive cross-border digital supply chain system in the world to date.

Worldline is an established leader in the digitalization of international supply chains – processing and monitoring billions of financial and product-movement related transactions every year. With its powerful product portfolio, Worldline helps governments protect revenue and keep consumers safe. With the same approach, Worldline is also able to turn businesses’ product value chains into a generator of additional revenue and an opportunity to strengthen consumer loyalty.