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Worldline Tap on Mobile

The new way to accept payments via smartphone for your business

As a manager of small and medium-sized businesses, accept now cashless payments via your Android smartphone or tablet. Get started quickly and easily. There are no fixed costs or installation costs. Just sign up, download the app and off you go!


 EUR 0.-1,69%
 fixed monthly costs and setup feesper transaction


Only pay for what you use

Information about the costs

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Commision rate1,69%
Commercial cards surcharge

Applies to transactions with commercial cards (e.g. company cards)

Surcharge non-EEE transactions

Applies to transactions with international commercial cards issued outside and accepted inside the EEA and vice versa.

Processing of chargebacksEUR 30.-
Setup feesEUR 0.-

Simply click and pay

Questions and answers

    • Have a business with a VAT number or company number
    • Own an Android smartphone that has the ability to accept payments via NFC. When downloading the Worldline Tap on Mobile app, a check is automatically performed to see if your device is compatible.
    • Have an internet connection via Wi-Fi or mobile internet (4/5G)
    • Go through the digital onboarding process via this link.
  • No, you use your own compatible Android device. During the installation of the app, it automatically checks whether your device is compatible.

  • No, only Android devices are supported. During the installation of the app, it automatically checks if your device is compatible.

  • Tap on Mobile can be used by sole proprietorships with and without registration number, corporations and partnerships, public authorities, municipalities, cooperatives, foundations, charities or associations. The app may not be used for private purposes.

  • It is very easy to use the app:

    1. Launch the Worldline Tap on Mobile app

    2. Type in the transaction amount

    3. Tap the card near the device

    4. If the amount exceeds 50€ (limit for contactless payments), the PIN is requested

    5. After the card reading is complete, the transaction overview is displayed with the option to receive a digital receipt (via e-mail or QR code)

    An overview of the 5 steps can be found here.

  • Worldline Tap on Mobile supports the following payment brands: Visa, VPAY, Mastercard, Maestro, Debit MC, Visa Debit and all other contactless brands such as Google Pay, Apple Pay, etc.

  • A portal (Myportal) is available to see the record of transactions, you will receive the link and login details during onboarding. You can also view your transaction history in the app itself.

  • Payout is next day, which means that if you make a transaction today (before around 10pm) you will see it appear in your bank account the next day. Please note that the first payment will be made only after we have confirmed that all required documents have been provided correctly.

  • Yes, there is no need to open a specific bank account. The payout will be made to the account you specify during onboarding.

  • You automatically have access to 5 devices on your account. If you wish to connect more devices please send an email to with your details.

  • Your Android smartphone or tablet must support the following security requirements or functions for Worldline Tap on Mobile:

    • Android 11 and above
    • Google Mobile Services (GMS)
    • Internet connection
    • NFC

    Whether your device is compatible is checked during the installation of the app. If you want to check whether your device is compatible before signing an acceptance contract, you can download the Tap on Mobile app here. To subsequently set up the app and conclude your contract, please register here. Once you have registered, you will receive an e-mail with all the information you need to set up your app.

  • Yes, Tap on Mobile terminal can also be used occasionally outside Luxembourg but not outside Europe.

  • As a certified and regulated financial services provider, we are committed to complying with all guidelines and requirements in accordance with the international PCI security standard to ensure that all transactions on your Android device are secure.

    During the installation of the app, the following authorizations and information will be requested from your Android device:

    Authorization to use NFC

    NFC (Near Field Communication) access is required to read the credit or debit card.

    Authorization to access/manage the camera

    For secure PIN entry, the app requires the rights that ensure that no display recordings can be made during the payment process. This should also protect you as a merchant from misuse.

    Authorization to manage connections

    The app must ensure that a payment process is not interrupted by a call, for example. For this, Tap on Mobile requires you to set yourself as the default caller ID and spam app.

    Authorization for the device location

    The location is used for the digital receipt. This allows you to provide your customers with a receipt showing the location of the payment. The device location is also used to fulfil security requirements or to detect possible fraudulent use of the app.

    Accessibility services

    These rights are needed to ensure that the app is not hidden during the payment process and is always open and visible.

    The various authorizations and information serve to ensure the security of each individual transaction. This turns your Android device into a payment terminal, including PIN request for amounts over EUR 50.