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Clearing and Settlement

Clearing and settlement has never been more flexible, reliable and secure.

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Deploy today. Be ready for tomorrow.

Take your payment clearing and settlement to the next level with our clearing and settlement solutions. Helping you prepare for new technology and regulatory changes, our high-capacity dual-currency and currency-agnostic system covers your entire value chain and futureproofs your business while keeping costs down. A modernised and always on (24/7) solution, it's both multi-scheme and multi-bank whilst also supporting the seamless shift from batched to instant payments.

The case for national payment system modernisation

This white paper offers a high-level view on key topics to consider when contemplating payment system modernisation, including the role of national payment system providers in this effort, the importance of interoperability both in terms of domestic ecosystems and cross-border payments, and the significance of focusing on digitisation as a driving force.

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Clear and settle in a new – and better – way.

With Worldline Clearing & Settlement, you enjoy critical benefits that can change the way your business works:

We carry the load. You collect the rewards.

When it comes to the complexity of the payment clearing and settlement process, let Worldline Clearing & Settlement take the strain. Not only we can guide on best practices according to industry standards, but we'll also build and customise a flexible and configurable solution around your processes. Your high-capacity system delivers rewards every working day, since it smoothly handles large payment volumes at low cost.

Compliance you can count on.

Speed and resilience are critical in the world of clearing and settlement – but so is security. That’s why we’re dedicated to giving you the most secure and reliable payment clearing and settlement process possible by rigorously complying with industry standards and simplifying compliance. We’ll make sure systems are up to date with any changes, too (and let you know any changes you need to make). And for complete peace of mind, we’re ISO 20022 based.

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Partners in payments.

As a driving force in the creation of the European Automated Clearing House Association (EACHA), we’ve been working hard to help banks and other payment organisations deliver trusted payment clearing and settlement to their customers. By combining our payment expertise with our determination to deliver the best service, we create proven solutions across continents and payment partnerships that last.  

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