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Saferpay is the comprehensive e-payment solution for easy and secure payment in your online shop. Saferpay allows you to process all common national and international payment methods in your online shop – via just one single interface.

The solution can be quickly and flexibly integrated into most shop systems in just a few clicks. On this page we have summarized the most important topics about its integration for you.

Dynamic Currency Conversion

With DCC, international customers see both the amount in the home currency as well as in the local currency of the purchasing country. The customer can decide in which currency he wants to pay.

A special implementation of DCC for the merchant is not necessary. It is covered through Saferpay during the redirect (automatically).

  • Dynamic Currency Conversion, or DCC for short, is only available for Worldline acceptance contracts for which DCC has been added. Here, the terminal used for payment queries is given a base currency in which all transactions are settled. With DCC, international clients are displayed the purchase amount in the base currency and at the best exchange rate in their home currency. Clients can decide in which currency they would like to pay.

    A separate implementation process by the merchant is not required for DCC. Saferpay handles this step automatically during the redirect process.


Please clarify before the implementation of Saferpay whether an E-Commerce or a Business licence should be used, as these include different functions. The Saferpay Business licence is an extension of Saferpay E-Commerce. It also has an impact on the cost. If you have any questions, please contact your contractual partner.

Saferpay provides two licences:

Means of Payment (JSON API)

Saferpay supports all common payment methods, including 3rd party providers, such as PayPal.