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Online giving has become one of the most popular ways to fundraise. Fundraising software payments are an essential piece for nonprofits to capture

Grow your fundraising software with powerful

When someone decides to give to a cause, a critical element is the fundraising or donation page. Not only does this page need to describe the purpose, but there needs to be a straightforward and easy way for donors to give.

Online giving has become one of the most popular ways to fundraise. If you operate a donation or fundraising software for nonprofits, you know all the hard work these organizations have gone to market and gain awareness for a fundraiser. The next thing they need is a simple, efficient way to accept donations.


How fundraisers can accept payments

Events and fundraisers don’t always have people attend, and donors don’t always walk around carrying cash or cheques. To make giving more inclusive, there needs to be multiple options to donate. The last thing nonprofits want is missing out on donations because a particular payment type isn't accepted.

For businesses that provide fundraising software for nonprofits, payments from credit cards, debit cards, and bank-to-bank transfers are essential for a successful campaign.

While the right payment types are crucial, so is the ability to keep consumer data safe. As the majority of giving is done online, consumers are trusting nonprofits to keep their confidential payment information secure.

You can help foster trust between nonprofits and donors by partnering with a payment provider that offers fraud defence tools. Tokenization and Address Verification Services (AVS) can help keep payment data safe and make donors more inclined to give.


The gift that keeps on giving

Recurring donation methods are becoming increasingly popular, with 45% of donors worldwide enrolled in some type of monthly giving program. Once donors give to a cause, they are likely to give to that same cause again.

Recurring donation products like Payment Profiles store donor card data securely to be used again any time a donor wants to repeat a donation. You can create less friction by embedding recurring payment products directly into your software, making it simple for nonprofits to handle payments directly in your platform for fundraisers or events.

With the right payment services powering a fundraiser, the sky's the limit. The next step is to get nonprofits up and running fast and cost-effectively.


Payment integrations that won't break the bank

We know how important competitive pricing is in the nonprofit industry. So we’ve created a negotiable, transparent pricing structure that can alleviate any pricing concerns. Partnering with a payment provider like Worldline that also offers charity pricing can provide your nonprofits with options that work best for them.

Transparency is also crucial when it comes to settlement timelines and fees. Getting nonprofits full access to this data can help them stay on top of operations and enable more accurate projections. With reporting features such as the Settlement Report API, you can create a report directly in your platform, allowing nonprofits to handle all operations in your software.


Investing back in your community

Continually building and adding new features to your software helps you stand out to nonprofits, as fundraising campaigns often have unique needs. But innovation, unfortunately, isn't free.

As a Worldline partner, you gain access to our revenue sharing program, where you have the option to earn commissions each time a nonprofit processes payments with us. A little goes a long way, and investing back in your platform can help grow your reach and expand your offering. Or, you can pass the savings on to your nonprofits. It's a win-win situation.

When it comes to payment processing for nonprofits, you should never have to choose between affordability and efficiency. With Worldline, you can have both and integrate payments so that nonprofits can handle all operations within your CRM. Becoming the driving force behind impactful donation campaigns is just a click away.