Building an Online Giving Platform

See how GivingTools makes all kinds of fundraising appeals and donations possible using Worldline's payment processing services

Giving Tools Case Study

When GivingTools approached Worldline for processing support, it needed flexible options to expand the pricing it offered customers. Worldline delivered, in spades.

For a monthly fee, Worldline was able to offer competitive nonprofit credit card pricing. “This low pricing distinguishes GivingTools in a competitive marketplace. Nonprofits that process enough to justify the monthly fee enjoy astoundingly low rates,” explains Jason Smith, founder of GivingTools. “The ability to offer flat-rate ACH (ETF) processing was also a game-changer.”

Of course, the GivingTools and Worldline partnership is about more than just rates. “Worldline’s system was straightforward to integrate,” says Smith. “It offers the flexible options our sophisticated platform needed to stay a few steps ahead of other online giving systems.”

By pairing Worldline’s processing services with GivingTools, all kinds of fundraising appeals become possible—from recurring gifts and campaign pledges to ticket and merchandise sales. GivingTools even supports text giving. Donors use GivingTools for their interface and receive tax receipts through the system. Meanwhile, nonprofits log into GivingTools to create appeals and track fundraising progress. Worldline quietly and securely processes the gifts behind the scenes.

“It’s the perfect combination,” observes Smith. “Nonprofits get the best of all worlds, thanks to the GivingTools and Worldline partnership.”


Quick Answers

No matter how hard an online giving platform tries, there are always moments where direct support is essential. At those times, GivingTools liaisons with Worldline directly to help facilitate answers for customers.

“Whenever there is a question, Worldline is quick to answer,” says Smith, who raves about Richard Gaudreau, their dedicated Worldline service representative. “While we try to streamline everything, Richard reaches out to customers proactively and is very good at explaining the processing side of things,” says Smith. “That enables us to concentrate on the interface and processing options. It’s a real win-win.”


Flexible Service

GivingTools works hard to provide flexible account options, to enable nonprofits to customize the look of their appeals and their receipts. But flexibility goes well beyond that. “Many of our best features were developed in direct response to customer requests. We take every single comment very seriously, and we work hard to constantly adapt and evolve our platform.”

Flexibility may take the form of new appeal types like offering ticket sales or “sustaining supporter” appeals. “If customers want it, GivingTools figures out a way to provide it—elegantly and cost-effectively.”

“Take text giving,” he continues. “We recently added this to our service because customers asked for it.” But unlike most online giving services that charge a hefty monthly fee to add text giving, GivingTools added it for free. “Sure, it costs GivingTools money to do that, but we consider the feature a competitive advantage,” says Smith. “Just like the low rates and dependable processing that Worldline offers behind the scenes.”

So, what started as a partnership to enable online giving has now grown to Worldline powering transactions for text giving. “It’s a flexible relationship!” observes Smith.


What’s Next?

As Worldline’s API continues to evolve, more and more integrated functionality becomes possible. “We are really excited about the options we have now, and really excited about what the future will bring,” states Smith. “We never know exactly how our platform will evolve to meet the changing marketplace, but we know Worldline will be a trusted partner, whatever the future brings.”