Payments Teamwork Makes The Dream Work

Learn how transparency and speed made growing with Worldline an easy choice for Power Up Sports.

Power Up Case Study

Whether it’s organizing games, managing websites, or collecting fees, running a sports association can feel like a never-ending overtime period.

For over 10 years, PowerUp Sports has been providing unmatched software for hundreds of amateur sports clubs and associations across Canada. With a focus on reducing overhead and automating operations, PowerUp has changed the game, making it simple for members to enjoy the best experience off the field.


The Challenge

A crucial part of operating a club is collecting membership fees. PowerUp has worked with many payment providers in the past, but just like a no-show to a big game, these providers have always let them down. PowerUp had seen it all, onboarding that was slow or non-existent, and client accounts that were turned off without reason. And they had enough.

PowerUp required a payment provider who would support their growing business, be transparent in errors, and most importantly treat them like a human.


The Solution

The last thing PowerUp wanted was to be stuck in a relationship with a large corporate provider that would leave them in the dark. Worldline was able to win PowerUp over by being forthcoming with communications and operations, not to mention the team.

Worldline’s Integration Specialist ensured their integration to new features was seamless. Their Account Managers provided education on upcoming payment technologies and how it related to their business. And the Customer Care team ensured their customers were always taken care of.


Having someone who is reachable at all times has provided us with the confidence we need to send clients to Worldline without having to worry about a thing



The Results

Currently, PowerUp and Worldline support about 100 clubs from coast to coast, processing in excess of $44M a year. As with any growing partnership, there have been bumps in the road, yet the transparency that Worldline was able to offer was unmatchable by any other provider.

When the PowerUp team have questions for Worldline, they get answers. Other processors would often take weeks and weeks to get clients up and running, without any insights into the progress of an account. Worldline was able to streamline the onboarding experience for PowerUp, as well as keep them informed on the status of an account.

The ability to grow together has made a significant impact on both PowerUp and Worldline. Like a strong team, growth isn’t just about one company benefitting, but each player contributing to the success of the other. As PowerUp continues to grow in Canada and beyond, Worldline will be there to support them every step of the way.