Digital Ordering Is Here To Stay

See how Smooth Commerce and Worldline support restaurants and franchises move online and start driving growth as quickly as possible.

Smooth Case Study

When COVID-19 hit in early 2020, no business was fully prepared for the pandemic that ensued. Companies across North America had to shut their doors to abide by new social distancing rules. Many industries, especially those customer-facing, are still recovering. But even in difficult times help is right around the corner.

Enter Smooth Commerce.

Smooth Commerce has been providing an extensive commerce and engagement solution designed to meet both the business and consumer needs. Through branded digital experiences, Smooth Commerce has helped restaurants drive revenue and increase customer loyalty across Canada and the US.

A growing number of customers have been seeking out Smooth Commerce’s solution to expand their business digitally. A key part of the Smooth Commerce package was offering a seamless payment process to complement their all-in-one solution.

When Smooth Commerce came across Worldline in 2017, they found a payment provider who shared the desire to create a more customer-centric experience. Since then, the partnership has been driven by the mission to set restaurants and the entertainment industry up with everything they need to operate online fast. During a pandemic, those factors rank high for any business that had to shut its physical doors.


The Situation: Navigating COVID-19

Many restaurants and franchises pre-COVID were not prepared or set up with online or contactless payments. As it became apparent that COVID-19 wasn’t going anywhere, the demand grew for a flexible digital ordering and payment solution.

Time is always of the essence when setting up a business online. The longer it takes to get up and running means lost revenue, especially when your doors are already closed. But the speed of onboarding was only one piece of the puzzle. Businesses also needed a solution that offered the digital payments they were looking for that would also drive sales and customer engagement.


The Solution: Getting Restaurants Cooking Again

Smooth Commerce’s platform was designed not only for efficiency and flexibility but also to keep clients in control of their business - an ingredient restaurants wanted. With mobile app and web ordering solutions, clients are provided with the analytics and data they need to drive revenue and encourage repeat visitors.

To double down on its smooth ordering platform, Smooth Commerce had rolled out a Rapid Deployment package for web ordering in response to COVID-19. To make up for lost time, this package expedites the onboarding process, giving restaurants pick-up and delivery options in as little as five days. Using Worldline for payments, clients are equipped with the payment methods that abide by social distancing rules.


The Results: A Contactless Future

Health and safety are and will continue to be a priority for consumers and businesses. The Smooth Commerce and Worldline partnership provide the contactless payment methods that keep consumers safe. But more importantly it equips restaurants with an in-depth, analytical understanding of their business.

It should come as no surprise that digital ordering is here to stay, and COVID-19 has expedited the adoption. While the future remains uncertain, one thing is for sure: Smooth Commerce and Worldline will always support restaurants and franchises that want to move online and start driving growth as quickly as possible.

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