Payment Flexibility for the Win

Learn how Uplifter provided a holistic system by integrating an online payment solution.


Learn how Uplifter provided a holistic system by integrating an online payment solution.


The challenge

Uplifter Inc. launched their web-based sports club management system and online registration system in September 2014 following three years of development and beta testing. Their cloud-based SaaS is uniquely engineered to help clubs and associations automate vital club operations while tracking the skill development of individual athletes. Today, Uplifter is Skate Canada’s national preferred partner for skating club management software, while also continuing to quickly expand their services to gymnastics clubs, swim clubs, dance schools, martial arts schools, music schools and other clubs across Canada and the United States.

With decades of tech industry experience between the three of them, co-founders Jackie Kwan, Bryce Thomas, and Al Nasturzio established Uplifter on the belief that technology can help athletes and clubs achieve their goals in a measured and affordable manner. Of course, they knew that a key ingredient in providing a holistic solution would be the ability to seamlessly integrate credit card payments. That’s when they turned to Worldline.


The solution

When the Uplifter team first began looking for an integrated online payment option for their SaaS, they knew the right solution would need to simplify the onboarding process and provide flexibility to their diverse range of customers. Also at the top of the list was proven security.

Uplifter was especially impressed with the technical features that Worldline offered.

Worldline quickly became the leading contender as a payment gateway. Uplifter was especially impressed with the technical features that Worldline offered, including their APIshosted payment page, and tokenization.

“Uplifter was looking to build a systematic process to easily onboard customers with little difficulty,” says Ms. Kwan, “Worldline gives us that and more.” In fact, while a few other gateways stated a similar setup timeline of a week or less, Jackie found that this speed often came at the expense of their product offering. Worldline, meanwhile, provided Uplifter with the perfect balance of efficiency and product breadth, including tokenization.

As some of their customers already had merchant accounts, the Uplifter team were especially interested in a solution that was merchant account agnostic. In other words, if a sports club already had a merchant account, they could keep it and connect it to Worldline’s payment gateway. This feature provided Uplifter tremendous flexibility with on-boarding new customers.


We took a process that normally takes clubs 2-6 weeks to complete, and distilled it into a few steps. Our customers have been able to get their account up and running in as little as 5 days.



The results

Today, Uplifter Inc’s team and client base are growing exponentially, thanks to their ever-expanding list of robust technical features, which are further supported by Worldline’s advanced payment solutions.

Plus, as they grow, Uplifter is confident that Worldline’s support team can resolve any issues that arise quickly and succinctly. “The resolution time has been extremely satisfying,” says Ms. Kwan, “And I can’t say enough good things about our Account Manager.”

It’s an all-star performance all around.