How To Optimize A QuickBooks Solution

Through an innovative QuickBooks solution, WidenPay and Worldline are helping service companies save time and money with faster, more affordable billing.

Widen pay case study

How WidenPay Went From Growing E-commerce To Optimizing QuickBooks

Every business needs a website. Let's face it - most consumers will visit a company's website before making a purchase. It builds credibility, showcases the brand, and can be a primary source to generate revenue from leads.

But not all businesses have the time, or the know-how, to create their own website - and that is exactly how WidenWeb got its start. Starting operations in 2014, WidenWeb's focus was to enable small to medium-sized businesses' e-commerce capabilities by building websites, providing optimization services, and building customized applications.

After six years of helping clients grow, the owners of WidenWeb noticed many of their clients expressed the need for an affordable payment solution that integrated with QuickBooks. Rather than making one-off requests for clients, WidenWeb decided to fill that niche their customers were looking for. In 2020, the QuickBooks solution WidenPay was born.


The situation: How to make an all-in-one QuickBooks application

Service companies such as accountants and lawyers, whose primary source of revenue is billing, needed faster payments at an affordable price. Rather than buying multiple add-ons for credit card payments and receiving and making bill payments via bank transfers, WidenPay wanted businesses to access everything all in one application.

To make the QuickBooks functionality a reality, they needed a robust payment foundation to build their focused applications. With a history as a web development company, WidenPay had worked with many payment processors, but integrations often proved to be a pain point. For this new journey, flexibility and responsiveness were crucial, as well as a secure infrastructure for payment processing.


The solution: A seamless payment integration experience

WidenPay had a payment criteria model to help them find the right fit that focused on security, EFT functionality, open APIs, and a well-established partnership model. Worldline checked all those boxes for WidenPay, but the big differentiator was the Custom Checkout functionality, which gave WidenPay complete control over the look and feel of the credit card related fields.

"The integration experience was seamless. The APIs were easy to use and well documented." Says Mathieu Descorbeth, CEO & Co-founder of WidenPay. "The PHP SDK also really helped us speed up the process."

The Custom Checkout payment form was also PCI SAQ A compliant, allowing WidenPay to reduce their PCI scope without sacrificing control and flexibility. WidenPay could now offer its users an efficient way to start accepting and paying credit, debit, and EFT payments faster through QuickBooks while saving money on processing fees.


The results: A flexible, agile QuickBooks solution

Worldline's partner model suited what WidenPay was looking for. Now, the strong partnership ensures that WidenPay has access to the team at Worldline for support whenever they need it, allowing the company to focus on optimizing it’s solution for businesses across North America.

"Our product could not exist without Worldline. We saved unquantifiable amounts of time not developing our own full-stack payment processing functionality, allowing us to focus on the front end for our customers and the unique integration to QuickBooks." - Mathieu Descorbith, CEO and Co-founder of WidenPay.

QuickBooks users can certainly rejoice as WidenPay finds new ways to help them save time and money on processing payments, with the utmost confidence in the stability of Worldline's payment platform.