GTC2023 Global Traffic Conference sub-forum

GTC2023 Global Traffic Conference sub-forum. A conference featuring industry experts talking about platform rules, solutions for independent stations, and actual seller experience going global.

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28 - 01 / 03 / 2023


Shenzhen, China

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Cross-border e-commerce has seen rapid growth in recent years, driven by increased consumer demand and the rise of online shopping. Independent sellers have gained ground due to their flexibility, efficiency, and convenience, but they need more support from platforms in terms of traffic and policy advantages. Platform sellers must stay informed of industry policies, anticipate compliance risks, and create effective marketing strategies for major promotional events.

To help cross-border e-commerce sellers navigate these challenges and explore new opportunities, Baijingchuhai and its information brand hosted a salon at the GTC2023 Global Traffic Conference sub-forum. The event featured industry experts discussing platform policies, independent station solutions, and practical seller experience.

One of the keynote sessions at GTC2023, presented by Barbara Zhang, Country Manager of Digital Commerce China, will cover payment localization and its impact on cross-border e-commerce. With the right strategies and insights, sellers can capitalize on the growth potential of this exciting and dynamic market.

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Barbara Zhang

Barbara Zhang

Country Manager – Digital Commerce, Worldline