Discover how biometric payments remove the need for passwords and PINs.

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Biometrics are the natural, hands-free way to pay, offering strong authentication and frictionless payment. 

Fact or fiction?

It’s been a while since biometrics, such as using your finger or facial print to unlock your smartphone, made their entrance. However, the use of biometrics as a secure and easy way to complete the payment authentication process at a point of sales (POS) has not convinced everyone yet.

The technology is there, but the uptake is still in its early stages and evolving at a different pace worldwide. For instance:

  • Palm biometry is unknown in Europe
  • Facial biometry raises questions about privacy in Europe but has become the new norm in China
  • Voice biometry is widely known and since the quality level took a leap in 2021, people are progressively starting to use it.

Biometric payments has a future potential ahead of it because it’s natural, secure and frictionless. All depends on the willingness of people to make use of this technology!

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