Money20/20 Europe 2022

Payments technology designed for growth

Live event

07 - 09 / 06 / 2022


Amsterdam, NL

Money2020 Europe 2022

Worldline is back at Money 20/20 Europe.

We will welcome you at the RAI from 7 to 9 June, at booth #G29. Our Worldliners on site are ready to shake the future of payments, with you, today. They will showcase our latest innovative solutions, products and technologies designed to address your current needs and navigate the future challenges of your business.

If Money 20/20 brings together those that matter in the Fintech industry, at Worldline, we’ll bring you what matters in payments: technology designed for growth.



Meet & Greet will be organised during the three-day event. Our team is fully dedicated to making sure you enjoy the journey.

To keep up with your customers

Bill, Pay & Match

Provide a new cash management offer by allowing your customers to improve their cash flow with a 100% digital invoice settlements solution.


Online Cross-Border Expansion

Enhance your global strategy and thrive in high-growth markets with our online cross-border expansion solutions (South Korea, India, LATAM); combining global reach with local business, technology, and payment expertise.


Microsoft Dynamic Fraud Protection

A next generation hybrid fraud solution beyond what traditional rules or advanced machine learning alone could achieve.


Instant Issuing

Provide end-to-end real-time card management and processing. Choose what cards you want to issue: debit, credit, prepaid.



Omnichannel and innovative payment solutions as key differentiator to improve customer engagement and loyalty.


Behavioral Web Authentication

Let your behavior define your shopping payment experience.

To stay on the path for Open Banking

Green Banking

Sustainability as the new win-win ecosystem for banks.


Online Account-Based Payments

Fast. Branded. Low fee. To let big online brands launch their own custom branded payment method.


In Store Account-Based Payments

Convenient and secure payment method relying on a PSD2 Payment Initiation Service. Based on a credit transfer, it allows to pay at the terminal without the use of plastic cards or the involvement of other domestic or international schemes.


W3C Web Payment

Online payment on website based on W3C web standard to securely pay in less than 10 seconds.

Payments of today to build tomorrow


Towards a trusted digital currency! Stablecoins take advantage of the same peer-to-peer blockchain technology that powers bitcoin. However, the price of stablecoins is pegged to real-world assets like fiat money, gold or other commodities. This means they hold an intrinsic value and are stable.


Voice & Online Payment

Seamlessly secure online payments with a strong customer authentication via voice biometry.


Generic QR Code

A unique QR code for all mobile payment means (AliPAy, WechatPay, Twint).


Trusted Authentication

Ensure a 2-factor authentication with a great user experience by allowing PIN or biometrics factors such as fingerprint, facial, vocal or behavioral.


Live Shopping with Livescale

Guarantee a seamless and simultaneous combination of online shopping, live-streaming and social media where consumers can seamlessly purchase products without having to leave the interactive live experience.

Metaverse Web3 Crypto

Immersive Augmented Reality Payment

Create an extra dimension to real life experiences and extend these beyond the physical reality, bringing immersive shopping, event or travel experiences. Extending real world experiences into the virtual for a seamless immersive payment flow.


Virtual WL Showroom

Experience our virtual showroom in Decentraland, created in partnership with Bitcoin Suisse as a space to experiment with shopping and brand positioning in virtual worlds.


Event NFT

Visit our booth to mint and collect your unique NFT souvenir. Get a unique NFT that is created using our own smartcontract to fund a research program that will focus on full lifecycle analysis of the decentralisation technologies we explore.


Be authenticated while gaming

Behavior based authentication on game consoles. A non-intrusive way to identify you as a way to highly secured seamless in-game payment.

"Will there ever be pan-European rules and rails to pay?"

June 7 at 10h40 with


Alvaro Vaca @ BCG as moderator and

Nicolas Kozakiewicz, Innovation Executive Advisor @ Worldline

Daniel van Delft @ Currence iDEAL BV

Martina Weimert @ EPI Interim Company

"How bank and fintech collaborations are enabling seamless and consolidated experiences for the benefit of the customer?"

 June 7 at 14h45 with


Veronique Steiner @ J.P Morgan as moderator

and Gilles Grapinet, CEO @ Worldline