Online store? 7 tips for a successful sales period

Hoe haal je het maximale uit je verkoop tijdens de solden? En welke wetgeving moet je daarbij respecteren?

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The sales are coming. For many stores, this is the period when sales peak. But the sales period also means extra visitors and more sales for web shops. How do you get the most out of your sales? And which legislation do you have to respect? Greet Dekocker, Managing Director at Safeshops, gives tips.


Safeshops/BeComerce? is the Belgian e-commerce federation that is committed to increasing trust and growth in e-commerce. They offer a quality mark for web shops that meet strict e-commerce standards and support online retailers with legal advice, studies and training.


Tip 1: Never give a discount 'just like that'

Dekocker: “Why give a discount? Because discounts mean extra customers, of course! Please note: online we see a shift towards thematic discount promotions. Think of discount periods focused on sustainability, on locality, a stock sale, etc. By arguing the 'why' of your discount, you get customers involved in your story more quickly.”


Tip 2: Create extra promotion just before and during the sales period

“The big difference with physical stores? No one just ends up in your webshop. Therefore, invest extra time and resources in communication and promotion – especially around the sales periods. How to promote your webshop? This can be done through your newsletter, social media and collaborations with partners.”

Additional tip. During the sales period, people also actively look for special offers. They use search terms such as 'sales' or 'discount'. Respond to this and advertise your products via search engines such as Google and Bing.


Tip 3: Don't change your prices in the run-up to the sales

“Here we are entering the field of online sales legislation. Thin ice, because there are a number of changes afoot. This will make it possible in the future to charge a different price online or offline. Explaining the entire legislation takes us too far, but it is certain that this will increase the complexity surrounding pricing and related discounts. Therefore, play it safe at the moment and be careful with price changes in the run-up to the sales.”


Tip 4: Communicate the reference price

“In the past, some traders increased their prices in the run-up to the sales... and then offered extra large discounts. That is consumer fraud and we absolutely want to avoid it. Therefore, always communicate a reference price when you give a discount. The reference price is the lowest price of the item during the last 30 days prior to the discount.”


Tip 5: Prepare your website for large numbers of visitors

“Many visitors at the same time can slow down your website, causing buyers to drop out. Therefore, prepare your website well for a busy period. Do you have little technical knowledge yourself? Please contact your website builder or hosting provider.”

Additional tip. The run-up to a busy period is also a good time to evaluate your online payment options. Do you offer sufficient payment options? It can also be useful to link cash register(s) and stock management. This way you keep your stocks up to date and you don't have to disappoint customers afterwards.


Tip 6: Collect data

“Get the most out of your marketing efforts. For example, provide an opt-in for the newsletter and encourage visitors to your webshop to also follow you on social media. These are not only extra customers in your database, but also an additional audience for future offers and news.”


Tip 7: Never sell at a loss

“Finally, never sell at a loss - not even during the sales. Not all traders are aware of this, but selling at a loss is prohibited by law. So take this into account when determining discount percentages.”

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