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A modular and customizable solution for digital onboarding and contract signature

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Simplify the onboarding process and improve customer conversion rate while reducing related costs

Annoying subscription processes can cause high dropout rate and reduce gain of new customers. Step up your game! Provide simple, fast and efficient onboarding processes in order to increase conversion rate and reduce onboarding costs and delays. We provide you with a modular and extensible end-to-end solution covering ID verification, e-signature and e-archiving. Its modularity enables each client to adapt the solution to its business needs thanks to activating standard modules or adding tailor-made workflows or modules.

Multi-channel subscription process

To help you deal with these challenges, we offer a ready-to-use multi-channel subscription process, branded to your company or integrated in your own process using our APIs. Our multi-channel solution allows your prospects to start and resume the onboarding process from anywhere: Online, Point of Sale, Mobile, Desktop or Digital Assistant. The onboarding process is simple, fast, efficient and UX oriented, in order to increase conversion rates and to reduce onboarding costs and delays.

Embedded identity solution for fraud detection and compliance

In addition, to help you with fraud detection, we offer an embedded Identity solution with a hub interconnection to ID Proofing and ID Provider platforms. We are able to provide connectors to your existing KYC and AML solutions. Our customer onboarding solution helps you build processes that are compliant with European regulation and adapted to local regulation.

Digital signature

Regarding the digital signature, Worldline has its own Certificate Authority (AC) MediaCert which can issue electronic signature and electronic seal certificates. With our solution, onboarding gets simple and available from anywhere, at any time, on any device.

e-Sign key benefits

Discover more about our solution for customer onboarding and how it improves customer conversion rate while reducing related costs. We provide all the components to build a best-in-class onboarding solution which will seamlessly fit with your business needs and tools.

Example of use-case

This is a workflow example running through various modules which can be easily implemented with our solution.

use case for worldline esign

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