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Sustainable Banking

Sustainability as the new win/win ecosystem for banks

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Help the world be more sustainable and reduce CO2 emissions

With more than 94% of EU citizens considering that protecting the environment is important*, we are convinced that banks have a clear role to play in this transition. Research shows that the awareness of consumers regarding climate issues is making sustainability a key criterion in consumers’ purchase preferences.

European commission Eurobarometer 468 – Nov 17

Value for clients

  • •  Benefit from PSD2 regulation to leverage banking data
  • •  Engage towards new financial products and generate new revenue streams
  • •  Retain your customers and provide them ways to act for sustainability
  • •  Improved brand image

What are the benefits for stakeholders in the sustainable ecosystem?

How could a bank support its consumers in this transition?

Taking into account the openness of the financial ecosystem, better known as ’Open Banking’”, our Green Banking product aims to offer a solution comprising several steps:

Sustainable Banking functionalities

Carbon footprint: Fight climate change with financial data

Through the use of financial data Open Banking gives banks new opportunities to estimate their customers’ carbon footprint. How does it work? Read our case study to learn more about our Green Banking solution.

Read the case study