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Trusted Interactions

Create a relationship of trust with customers through secure, seamless messaging interactions. Whatever the channel.

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Strengthen your customer communications.

As the world becomes increasingly digital, customers expect the same - or even better - quality interactions they are used to in person, but online. The result? Heightened security challenges and increasingly complex customer service and support relationship management. Until now. Worldline Trusted Interactions offers easy-to-adopt solutions for secure interactions, and helps you engage with customers across multiple channels whilst improving productivity and efficiency.

Improve customer care, engagement and trust.

Customers want control and personalisation. Our solution is all about putting the choice in your customers’ hands so they can self-serve if they want to, or get straight through to an advisor. Give them the opportunity to reach you on any channel - from Live chat to WhatsApp and email - all delivered in your branding. Exchange documents easily and securely too, and even sign them digitally. We'll help bring a human touch to onboarding your prospects.

Value and motivate your collaborators.

Advisor interactions are crucial to build customer satisfaction and trust. We improve advisors' experiences with attractive and easy-to-adopt interfaces that reflect their unique needs. Help junior collaborators with a moderator if they need additional support, empower more experienced ones with AI-powered assistance, and give experts the opportunity to share their knowledge. Facilitate collaboration amongst your team and you'll break down silos.

Help your advisors achieve more.

With more and more incoming customer requests, you can boost both efficiency and productivity whilst helping your advisors deliver consistent service. Our AI-powered tools not only prioritise requests but also propose pre-canned answers and respond to frequently asked questions. Notifications also keep them informed of changes in the customer file whilst they can also execute marketing and communication campaigns to build customer experiences.

Make your interactions watertight.

Requesting documents? Sharing sensitive information? Rest easy, knowing that all messages and documents are secure. We use encryption to protect information on digital channels which is then hosted in our private data centres that are regularly archived. And of course we fully adhere to all GDPR requirements. Trust us to help you maintain trust with customers, knowing that digital messages are watertight.

AI serving the financial industry to shape the future of CX

Dive into this white paper to explore the game-changing potential, from data-driven insights to personalized service, that Generative AI brings to the forefront of the financial industry.

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Provide personal experiences.

Doing things remotely doesn’t mean you have to lose the charm of in-person experiences. Our solution for trusted interactions help you to improve in several areas: optimised messaging with a choice of channels, advisor capabilities through automation and customer trust through personalisation.

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