In-store payments re-imagined

01 / 06 / 2022

As the retail sector undergoes significant transformation in the coming years, retailers will have to combine the best aspects of in-store and online to be successful and provide an attractive, seamless experience.

Man holding the In-store payments re-imagined whitepaper

Based on our extensive payment experience and research, this white paper provide you with insights for the road ahead including the emerging retail payment technologies  and how you can seize the great opportunities that they will bring.
Key takeaways include:

-For consumers, the payment experience can be a differential factor in their purchase decision.
- Retailers who adopt innovative solutions can achieve a competitive advantage allowing them to differentiate themselves from their competitors
-New payment technologies are revolutionizing the customer experience at the point of sale, offering merchants a great return on investment
- Short and mid-term, retailers need to focus on an omnichannel strategy to increase customer loyalty and retention by providing a seamless in-store experience
- Adopting new technologies at the point of sale offers retailers the possibility of designing new customer journeys that increase safety, improve interaction with their services and products, and eliminate friction during checkout payments
- Biometrics could become one of the most important new pillars of transformation for payment services in the coming years
- Point of Sale payment terminals are evolving towards becoming Points of Interaction
-  Autonomous check-out is gaining momentum as will e-wallets for those retailers that want to develop loyalty strategies
- Increasing adoption of the account-based payment models is expected due to the savings in commissions that it can mean for retailers, especially those working with very tight profit margins.

Download our white paper to learn more about In-store payments.