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Financial Institutions

Trusted payment solutions that reduce complexity and increase efficiency.

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Stay ahead of the fast-moving payments market.

As a Financial Institution, you'll know that running a successful operation in the rapidly evolving payments market can be challenging - keeping up with new technology, changing regulations and evolving customer behavior. Complexity keeps increasing. Costs continue to rise. Luckily, we are here to support you. With long-standing experience in the payments industry, proven payment solutions across the entire card and payment value chain, and partnerships with innovative tech players, we can cater for all your needs. Whether you’re looking to ramp up your digital transformation, develop your business in new markets or improve customer relationships, you can trust us to deliver.

Business benefits for banks and financial institutions

Enabling new services and more growth opportunities for UniCredit.

Our partnership with UniCredit allows customers to connect their accounts in other banks throughout Europe via one single application programming interface (API). This means UniCredit can offer Account Information Services (AIS) and Payment Initiation Services (PIS), whilst opening up a range of business opportunities.

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Delivering instant payments back-office service to Knab.

Our partnership with Knab gives this Dutch online bank access to our Instant Payments back-office service, including facilitating back-office processing for handling SEPA Batch payments and multi-currency payments. This will allow Knab to reduce complexity and free up resources to support its customers and clients even better.

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Solutions for Financial Institutions

We work with hundreds of banks and financial institutions across Europe and beyond to provide innovative payment solutions that help businesses accelerate their digital transformation, improve customer experiences, and strengthen customer relationships. Our solutions also protect them and their customers against the increasing risk of fraud and cybercrime. Browse our dynamic portfolio of trusted solutions below.

Industrial scale. Innovative financial solutions. And massive investments.

Boost client revenue. Accelerate time to market. Mitigate risk. Ensure compliance. Optimise costs. And improve the customer experience. We invite you to join hundreds of banks and Financial Institutions just like you and see how we can boost your entire payments and card value chain. 

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