Konfekteria and Worldline

09 / 06 / 2024

Optimize your business like Hinda Kammoun from Konfekteria.ch

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Who is Konfekteria.ch?

Konfekteria.ch is the heart project of Hinda Kammoun, a passionate entrepreneur who decided to turn her love for confectionery into an online business. Founded in 2022, Konfekteria.ch specializes in the production and sale of specially crafted sweets. The range includes printed logo cookies, hand-decorated cookies, and personalized dragées, designed to add a personal touch to any occasion. 

As her online store grew, she needed to make order processing more efficient. She chose Worldline's e-commerce solution.

Hinda Kammoun - Konfekteria

Why Worldline?

Hinda needed a solution that was both cost-effective and efficient for a small business. Worldline's e-commerce solution proved optimal because of:

Worldline E-Payments

Since implementing the e-commerce solution, Konfekteria enjoys efficient order processing, as the solution is fast, reliable, and user-friendly. 
Accept local and international online payments directly like Hinda Kammoun.

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«I chose the e-commerce solution from Worldline because it covers a variety of payment options, offers a technically easy implementation, and is cost-effective and fair for a small business, as it comes without fixed costs.»

Hinda Kammoun, founder of Konfekteria.ch

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