Sheila Meier and Worldline Tap on Mobile

15 / 04 / 2024

Sheila Meier recommends: Worldline Tap on Mobile for easy and secure mobile payments

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Who is Sheila Meier Hair, Make Up and More?

Sheila Meier Hair, Make Up and More, established in 2022, is a stylish and innovative hairdressing salon located in the picturesque Schwarzenberg, in the heart of Switzerland.

Sheila Meier successfully uses Worldline Tap on Mobile for easy and secure mobile payments. Discover in the video how easy it is to receive cashless payments with Worldline Tap on Mobile and experience the smooth process and customer satisfaction with it.

Sheila Meier

Worldline Tap on Mobile: Easily & effectively receive payments like Sheila

Turn your phone into a cash register and receive cashless payments directly on your Android smartphone or tablet, just like Sheila Meier. No fixed costs and no setup fees. Simply register, download the app, and start immediately.

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«With Worldline Tap on Mobile, I can start immediately as a small entrepreneur without significant initial investments. The installation was uncomplicated, the app works flawlessly, and my customers appreciate the option to pay easily and securely with a card.»

Sheila Meier, Owner of Hair, Make Up and More

Optimal Payment Solution with Worldline

Would you like to find a user-friendly and efficient payment solution? Thanks to the input from entrepreneurs like Sheila Meier, we offer optimized payment solutions that are individually tailored to the needs of each customer. Let's find the perfect solution for your business together. Contact us now!