Self/7000, Self/8000

Self/7000, Self/8000

The two component Self terminal that fits into any kiosk

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The Self/7000 and Self/8000 is a compact and innovative two component terminal. It is designed to fit into any kiosk of any area of application. Its usage can be in- or outdoor, resisting to harsh weather conditions. 

The Self/7000 and Self/8000 configuration allows for a simple and secure integration of cashless payments into self-service solutions, while providing an intuitive consumer experience through an easy-to-use interface. The Self terminals accept multiple payment types and comply with the latest standards.


  • 1st modular configuration to be PCI PTS 6.x certified
  • Accept all payment methods incl. magstripe, chip, NFC/contactless and QR codes
  • EVA EPS v2 - Standard Door Module (SDM)
  • Vandal-proof/water- and dust-proof, IK & IP-tested

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