Robots wear tartan: The 2019 WIN Learning eXpedition in Edinburgh, Scotland

01 / 11 / 2019

From September 23rd to 26th, the 2019 WIN Awards winners, as along with the jury members of our annual internal innovation contest, gathered in Edinburgh for a fast-paced trip focused on innovation and the discovery of the capital of Scotland. During these three days, they immersed themselves in a learning expedition that enabled them to learn about the Scottish innovation ecosystem, get acquainted with the University of Edinburgh, meet some of the finest local startups of the Fintech domain as well as enjoy the (sometimes rainy!) streets of Edinburgh.

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Participants of the 2019 WIN Learning eXpedition in Edinburgh

Discover the greatest moments of their trip and get inspired by the Learning Expedition spirit!

WIN Learning eXpedition, a journey towards inspiration

A WIN Learning eXpedition combines innovation with the discovery of a major European City. Through this immersive trip, several of Worldline’s most talented innovators are invited to discover some of the best innovative aspects and resources of a city to get even more creative, make contact, start discussions and identify new innovation perspectives.

WIN Learning eXpedition events

During three intensive days, this year’s winners, as well as some business guests, had the chance to meet various local players, from the Bayes Centre, the University of Edinburgh’s innovation hub for Data Science and Artificial Intelligence, and various Scottish Fintechs. They were all amazed by the variety and multiplicity of the Scottish innovative and entrepreneurial scene.

The first day was focused on the discovery of the local innovation ecosystem through visits and business presentations. It also included the WIN Awards ceremony. Olivier Burger, Worldline’s Head of Human Resources and member of the Executive Committee, gave the awards to each winner in person. Participants then enjoyed a visit of some of the lesser-known places of old Edinburgh.

The second day of the Learning eXpedition was dedicated to a Creativity Challenge articulated along an itinerary through the city. At each waypoint, participants were invited to practice a creativity technique related to the very place where they were. This exercise was for them a great opportunity to think out of the box to consider the various challenging questions they were asked, while discovering what Edinburgh has to offer. Climbing Arthur’s seat and Calton Hill, having a look at the Scottish National Gallery, visiting the Museum of Childhood or descending Victoria Street, the fresh air opened up their minds and gave them new perspectives on their solutions.

During the third day, the participants were invited to share their insights and experience from participating to the WIN Awards.

They also enjoyed Scotland’s finest dishes after an incredible and perfectly frightening Ghost Tour, which took them to the very heart of Edinburgh: the hidden caves. History, innovation, fun, networking… These were definitely the keywords of this expedition.

2019 WIN Learning eXpedition awards

WIN Awards, Worldline’s innovation competition

The WIN Awards is Worldline’s internal annual innovation competition. This competition has been designed to promote innovation throughout the company at the global level, highlight advanced or completed innovative projects and reward the best of them. The WIN Awards are opened to everyone in the company. Employees are invited to team up to submit a project. There is no restriction on the kind of innovation submitted: each innovation counts. The WIN Awards are open to all projects significantly advanced or completed during the previous year. Since their creation, the WIN Awards have gathered 1.100+ projects, 1,800 innovators from 21 countries and 235 winners for 56 awarded projects.

You can find more insights about this trip and the previous ones by searching for the #WorldlineLearningExpedition hashtag on Twitter, LinkedIn or Instagram.

Photos & video credits: Frédéric Boyadjian and Alexandre Switon.