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Innovation to accelerate our customers’ growth.

The thriving innovation ecosystem at the heart of Worldline is focused on key areas of strategic interest to help our partners and customers realise their ambitions through future value-added offerings. Innovation is one of our core company values and we commit to technology-led innovation that drives value creation and benefits society at large in a sustainable way.

We invite customers to collaborate with us in dedicated innovation workshops and initiatives as part of our open-innovation strategy to develop proofs-of-concept, identify opportunities for co-innovation, and solve business challenges. Together we are not just imagining the digital future; we are helping to create it.

Innovation that never stops.

  • c. €250m spend on R&D yearly.
  • 63 customer Innovation Workshops in 2023.
  • Worldline launches Tap to Pay on iPhone for large businesses in France, Australia and the Netherlands (November 2023).
  • Worldline launches the Worldline Metaverse Shopping Mall in Decentraland (March 2023) and Worldline Metaverse Shopping Hub within Spatial (December 2023).
  • Worldline and Google announce strategic partnership to enhance digital payments experiences with cloud-based innovation (January 2024).

How we anticipate the future with our payments savvy.

The Worldline Discovery Hub is here to help you stay ahead of the curve in a payments industry that is rapidly changing in innovative and disruptive ways. We identify key industry trends to provide our customers with the knowledge and the insights to thrive in the payments landscape of the future with bold and innovative solutions.

The Discovery Hub, personally chaired by Worldline’s CEO and Deputy CEO, connects a diverse range of payments experts from across Worldline and is dedicated to driving innovation and thought leadership through cross-fertilizing ideas and out-of-the-box thinking. What members of the Worldline Discovery Hub all have in common is an innovative, free-thinking, and curious mindset and a commitment to investigating trends and sharing insights with our customers.

Stay ahead of the curve

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Innovative co-creation to give your business wings.

Worldline is committed to helping businesses of all shapes and sizes accelerate their growth journey quickly, efficiently, and securely through innovation. Our dedication to transforming bright ideas into trusted solutions is at the heart of our concept of co-creation. We join forces with partners and customers in creative collaborations to combine our advanced payments technology, resources and local expertise as we develop innovative tailor-made solutions that provide tangible benefits for customers, society and employees.

It is now easier than ever to innovate with us thanks to our open-innovation approach built upon strong collaboration with customers and partners through innovation workshops. Our philosophy of co-creation means we work closely with partners and customers to find the solutions to make their ambitions become reality. See how you can begin your innovation journey with Worldline today:

  • Visit our state-of-the-art Innovation Experience Centre in Paris where we share our vision of the digital future with customers, partners, and prospects.
  • Sign up for one of our Innovation Workshops where we harness innovation to address business concerns in a fast-changing payments ecosystem.