Harnessing AI to achieve hyperautomation in payments

01 / 08 / 2021

The advances in Artificial Intelligence (AI) have enabled businesses to automate increasingly complex tasks.

Close up of the hyperautomation in payments white paper

The combination of an increasingly digitised world and the advances in Artificial Intelligence (AI) over the last decade now enables businesses to automate increasingly complex tasks. This trend, known as hyperautomation, is driving cost savings and is expected to save 20-30% of human effort. It is also enabling entirely new business models and ways of working.

At Worldline we have harnessed hyperautomation to boost the fight against fraud analysing billions of transactions and increasing fraud prevention by up to 30%.

Strategic decision makers must understand how to apply hyperautomation to navigate the future of business. Learn how you too can benefit from AI-based hyperautomation to transform your business today.