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Manufacturing companies face several serious challenges that risk their reputation and revenue. A steep increase in counterfeiting and multiplication of uncontrolled sourcing channels can severely damage your brand image and cause significant monetary loss. Growing demand for sustainable, healthy, and ethical products calls for transparent information on the origins of products and the whole supply chain.

The implementation of government-led traceability schemes aimed at protecting citizens from illicit products means manufacturers also need to demonstrate compliance. Manufacturing traceability methods have never been higher up the agenda and being able to manage all sensitive data in a secure manner within your complex supply chains is key. We help you face these changing global trends confidently.

The world's first blockchain-based complete food traceability solution.

In 2018, Bureau Veritas launched Origin, the world’s first traceability label to give consumers a complete end-to-end proof of a product’s journey. Built on blockchain technology, shoppers flash a QR code to see the history of each product so they make informed purchase decisions. Food industry players also benefit since they can control supply chains – through better visibility – as well as real time management of product recalls. The use of blockchain is a first and as a world leader in in securing digital transactions, we are the technology partner of Bureau Veritas and have solved some key challenges that had made full food traceability elusive.

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Stay compliant wherever you operate.

As a manufacturer, you'll know you need to comply with the regulations of every country you operate in. Our traceability solutions are made up of two complementary suites which handle both compliance and customer satisfaction.