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A wide range of terminals to accept payments in more ways than ever.

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Impress when it matters the most.

A customer at checkout is the most important touch point of all. And with the right payment terminal for your business, you have a unique opportunity to impress them with quicker and simpler ways to pay. With our value-added services at checkout, you can ensure shorter, faster moving queues and more engaging customer experiences. Whether you have a multi-lane checkout instore, customers paying at the table in your restaurant or providing self-service payment, a wide range of terminals make payment quick, simple and convenient.

Payment terminals for seamless consumer journeys and customer loyalty.

You might be running an international retail operation, or the smallest snack bar. Either way, we can help you realise your ambition to deliver more from your payment terminals. Value-added services such as loyalty, customer surveys and dynamic currency conversion (DCC) can make a big difference when it comes to enriching your customers’ experiences. You can even customise your terminals according to your specific business needs thanks to a large range of accessories and services.

Terminals for all use cases

Performance, security and reliability at checkout.

Rugged, hardwearing and future-proof, these terminals are designed to withstand the knocks of commercial life, giving years of dependable use. Our care plan means you’re supported for the full terminal life-cycle and we support merchants locally too. The range of terminals stay highly secure, compliant with the latest security standards and certifications and you’ll even find integration fast thanks to our dedicated, local support teams​.

Keep customers smiling while they're paying.

Whether you’re running self-service, or a multi-lane checkout, you’ll know your customers expect compact, reliable, efficient points of sale. Ergonomic terminal features like bright, enhanced contactless areas ensure you can interact remotely and swiftly with your customers whether that’s in the middle of a bustling city centre store or a bookshop off the beaten track. You'll have the freedom to accept multiple ways to pay and can connect to a wide range of networks, so customers can always use their preferred payment means.

Going beyond payments with value-added services.

Who said payment terminals should only accept payments? With a wide range of terminals, you can also provide value-added services. Loyalty programmes, surveys or charity donations can all be delivered directly on the terminal, making it a crucial touchpoint in your customer journey. Customers can now enjoy a richer checkout experience whilst you enrich your customer data.

A mobile-POS solution for every customer journey.

As shopping habits are rapidly changing, payment terminals can give you the flexibility you need to respond, create and implement new customer journeys, fast and efficiently. For instance, you can handle payments on the move, safely and quickly – ideal for instore ‘queue busting’, payment at the door for deliveries, or kerbside pick-ups – Imagination is the only limit on where these mobile devices can be used. Now - thanks to new innovations - you can even turn your Android mobile or tablet into a payment terminal and offer the smoothest experience possible.

Smart Self series.

Like many, you may be looking into smart payment options to boost your self-service offering. If so, the fast and easy to integrate Self series terminals will help create the best user experience in all unattended use cases and give you the flexibility to accept any payment method. Built to last, the all-in-one version also includes a camera for QR scanning. They’re tailor-made to help you succeed in self-service, whether you need to take payments at vending machines, autonomous stores, kerbside locations or even for cashless charity donations.