How does AI applied to language improve the customer experience ?

01 / 04 / 2021

Looking to improve your customer experience Have you thought about using natural language Our expert explains how this technology can offer a seamless and personalized digital experience for your customers


Natural language is a technology that is increasingly emerging in our lives without being noticed. You have probably encountered it as a Voicebot or as a virtual assistant on a website. Natural Language Processing (NLP) has many applications in a great variety of industries.

Born from the mix of Deep Learning and Fundamental meaning, natural language has shown its performance in enabling natural conversations between humans and bots. Thanks to Artificial Intelligence, machines are now able to understand human language.

  • Deep learning is a derivation of machine learning mixed with Artificial Intelligence. Machine learning is a long process during which the company has to work on an exhaustive dataset.
  • Fundamental meaning is a less developed processing that breaks down each and every conversation, word by word and analyses them separately. 

Knowing that, you might wonder…

How does it actually work?

NLP works thanks to TTS (Text To Speech) and semantic analysis. The machine writes down everything it hears and then analyses it, like it would analyse a text. Semantic analysis systems enable machines to detect emotions and to extract valuable information out of unstructured data. This technology allows reaching human-level accuracy when it comes to understanding a conversation.

What are the different applications to NLP?

  • Routing in Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems: With NLP, customers can express in their own words the reason why they call to be transferred to the right agent or department. They don’t have to listen to several options to choose the one that fits them, or even worse, to realize the option they are looking for doesn’t exist. 
    In a few words, NLP allows you to accurately direct your customers with IVR systems.
  • Understanding customers’ feedbacks: Texts are considered as unstructured data and are difficult to organize and understand, this is why most of the customers’ feedbacks are not treated properly, even if they are valuable. Thanks to NLP, a business can easily understand the trend around its products and identify the improvements that need to be made.
  • Chatbots/ Voicebots of all kind: Live chat is an emerging digital channel with a proven efficiency and popularity, particularly with millennials. But this channel has a cost as it is a real time support and customers expect it to be available at all time. This can be done thanks to NLP with a bot that talks and understands just like a human would do and even better sometimes.

  • Assisting agents with answers propositions: NLP can be used to support agents in preparing their response by suggesting them 2 to 3 pre-made answers. This same functionality can also be proposed to the customer to avoid uncertainty on both sides. Also, using automation for simple demands could reduce the workload of your customer support agent who will then be able to treat only the most valuable tickets. Ultimately, you will be able to answer to a bigger amount of tickets.
  • Analysing data: As you probably understand by now, NLP has also the ability to analyse qualitative data. And this skill should not only be used for customers’ feedbacks but also to manage and record complaints. NLP can identify the trends and raise the alert before it becomes a bigger issue. 
  • Analysing sentiments and satisfaction: NLP can also determine the underlying emotion hidden in a message. Sentiments are complicated to exploit as human are usually inherently biased. NLP tells you which emotion stands out the most. This allows you to adapt your position on the market. 

What are the benefits of NLP for your company?

NLP allows you to improve your customer services. Indeed, thanks to NLP your customers will directly be routed to the most relevant agent according to their skills. Therefore, you will gain time and customers won’t have to listen to the usual pre-recorded options to be directed to the next step of your IVR. 

Moreover, your satisfaction rate will increase as the costumers won’t have to go throw all of the annoying steps of an IVR. But more importantly, they will never have to start all over again because they were distracted and didn’t understand option 2 of step 3 or because they couldn’t find the right key word during their first or second attempt. Just imagine the time you could gain by routing your customers to the final step at the very beginning of their journey. Then imagine the customer’s reaction to such a seamless and satisfying experience.

So? What are you waiting for to implement this technology?

NLP boosts your efficiency and helps you save money on the long run. The less customers you will make wait for answers, the more time you will gain for your next new


How Worldline uses NLP for its solution WL Contact?

WL Contact uses oral and written natural language.  

The first use is for routing in the WL Contact IVR system. At first, the customer expresses his request, then the system will launch a qualification. And if needed, the NLP system proceeds to an ambiguity clearance phase. 

Finally, it sends to the IVR an indication on the qualification of the required skill. Thanks to this process, the customer will directly be routed to a qualified agent who is able to resolve the interaction at the first contact. Nowadays, this option is mostly used in the bank area. Don’t you want to be the first in your field to apply it in your contact centre? 

Allow your customers to ditch the classical IVR and gain time by letting them express orally the reason why they called instead of making them go through a long and possibly annoying process.

In the same way, we allow customers to use keyword recognition. So as to use it, the customers have to say out loud the keywords instead of pressing the required number on their phone. 

Moreover, WL Contact enables you to optimize your chatbot (or Voicebot if you have one). The NLP system will qualify your customer’s intentions or/ end requests, and will then route the interaction to the right agent according to the skills required. 
However, if the request is simple, the bot can handle it thanks to self-care module. To do so, NLP is used to look in your database such as your FAQ, or previous conversation to reply to the customer without routing him to one of your agents.

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