Worldline awarded European Top Employer 2022

25 / 01 / 2022

As a top industry leader and #1 digital payment player in Europe, Worldline is proud to be recognised once again as a European employer of choice, rewarding its long-term commitment and efforts in settling exemplary managerial and people practices within the company.

Worldline awarded European Top Employer 2022

Becoming the employer of choice in the payments industry

In 2020, Worldline received local certifications from the Top Employers Institute in Belgium, Poland and then in 2021 again in Belgium and Poland as well as in Austria, Germany and the Netherlands. And this year, 4 more countries and 1 joint venture have been named Top Employers! India, New Zealand, France, Switzerland and Worldline’s joint venture PAYONE have also joined the league of Worldline top employers’ countries.

“I am very proud of the new countries included in this year’s European Top Employer prestigious list as well of the countries awarded this recognition for the second time, demonstrating their strong HR vision over the long term. To attract and retain the best talents, indeed, we continuously promote our employer brand, and focus on people integration, career development and mobility through several programmes in all our entities”

Olivier Burger, Group Head of Human Resources, Worldline

Our journey towards the Top Employer certification

Thanks to their involvement in the extensive audit carried out by the Top Employers Institute, our HR partners strongly helped in the country and European certifications as Top Employer and naturally we wanted to know more about their journey, the strategy implemented and their ambitions.

1.      Can you describe your journey towards the Top Employer certification in your country?

  • Heinz Karrer (Switzerland): All colleagues in the HR team work very hard every day to offer our employees the best possible HR service and, together with the management, to create ideal conditions and a working environment in which all employees can develop their full potential. We are therefore very pleased that we were successful in our first participation in "Top Employer", an audit with over 360 questions on the HR topics Steer, Shape, Attract, Develop, Engage and Unite. The award as "Top Employer" is a real honour for us. At the same time, it also shows us that we are on the right track with our efforts to continuously improve and innovate in order to be an attractive employer both today and in the future.

  • Maxine Elliott (New Zealand): As a newly acquired part of the Worldline Group, Worldline NZ participated in the HR Audit organised by the Top Employers Institute, an external audit that evaluated our HR practices and processes for the first time in 2021. We believe Worldline NZ received this recognition as a Top Employer because we embody all the core values of Worldline Group, which puts people at the forefront of all HR practices. This helps ensure that all our employees’ experiences are purposeful, productive and positive.


2.      What could be the one HR best practice which may have made the difference?

  • Maxine Elliott (New Zealand): Worldline NZ has a strongly embedded ‘people practice’, which we believe is our key differentiator. This approach means we continue to innovate and listen to our people about how we can continue to support them in all HR practices. ‘People Experience’ is at the forefront of all our decisions, and we consistently seek feedback about our efforts to make Worldline NZ an inclusive, diverse, collaborative, and fun place to work where opportunities to grow personally and professionally are key highlights for our employees.

  • Jose Raj (India): The biggest strength for Worldline India this year has been the excellent support that we could extend to our employees in terms of Insurance coverage during covid, proactive COVID testing, track and treatment, employee wellness initiatives and family connect events and finally with hybrid working models and most employees despite working from their home, our managers kept the daily connections and support system intact to retain a highly impactful environment. We also formed a committee within the organization who not only checked on employee well-being, but also went out of their way to help and support employees who were in need.


3.      Now that we got certified, how will you further reinforce Worldline's position as an employer of choice?

  • Jose Raj (India): This certification will enable us to strengthen our employer branding strategy, which will also help us focus on our key development pillars: welcoming fresh talents as part of our GET programs, nurturing our Internal community by identifying talent and giving them scope and opportunity to grow within the organization, control attrition, support and empower our employees in their personal development to strengthen Worldline’s position as a Top Employer in the coming years too. Our focus will be also be on creating better processes, more effective communications, and also expanding engagement initiatives in alignment with our core values.

  • Maxine Elliott (New Zealand): Worldline NZ, like many companies across the globe, is looking at the changing nature of work due to the Covid-19 pandemic. We are committed to ensuring that we stay on top of trends around flexible working policies. This includes providing training opportunities to teams and people leaders to ensure they build on their Hybrid Leadership Capability whilst maintaining a culture that will attract people to work for Worldline NZ.

  • Heinz Karrer (Switzerland): This certification as a "Top Employer" will certainly strengthen the Worldline Switzerland brand and increase brand awareness on the Swiss labour market. However, this is not the end of the story. We will continue to work hard every day to create a working environment in which our employees feel comfortable and can develop personally and professionally. Especially in the current pandemic times with new forms of work and reduced physical contacts, it is particularly important that the human aspect and especially the personal development of each individual is not neglected. At the same time, we are also looking at what advantages we can gain from the current way of working in order to then integrate these as a fixed component in our future way of working. For example, working from the home as a fixed component for employees who still want to do this after the pandemic.


4.      How will this certification attract new talents?

  • Heinz Karrer (Switzerland): The "Top Employer" certificate from an external, neutral organisation will draw greater attention to Worldline Switzerland. It shows applicants that we are a reliable employer that cares about the well-being of its employees in many aspects. This award strengthens us in our search for good talents.

  • Jose Raj (India): Being an employer of choice for top talent is the key to be able to maintain our leadership position in the market and to help us gain our competitive edge.

  • Maxine Elliott (New Zealand): We absolutely believe that the Top Employer certification will bolster our Employee Value Proposition as we continue to see a tightening of the global candidate market. Talented people worldwide have more opportunities now than ever before, so it’s the small things that will make a difference to them choosing us. Worldline NZ also believes that being an attractive workplace is just one step in the talent acquisition process. This is why we aim to have seamless onboarding processes and provide ongoing support for all employees, so that we can train, grow, develop and ultimately retain them.


We won’t stop now, we are committed to becoming a Top Employer in all the 50 countries we are present in. We also focus on continuously improving our HR best practices while our HR systems are designed to retain and attract top talent.

If you want to learn more about careers at Worldline, visit our dedicated page here.

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