Will biometrics replace PINs?

10 / 02 / 2022

In this episode of our podcast series “Navigating digital payments”, we discuss facial recognition with Andre Coelho (Co-Founder and CEO of Saffe), Giovani Chiachia (Co-Founder, Chief Scientist and CTO of Saffe) and Inna Kostiuk (Global Partner Manager at Worldline Merchant Services).


We talk about the benefits of payments triggered by facial recognition, challenges to adoption and how they can be implemented whilst respecting privacy and data protection.

Each episode of season 1 of Navigating Digital Payments is based on a chapter from the 2021 report published by the Worldline Discovery Hub.

To send us feedback or let us know which topics you would like us to cover in future episodes, you can send an email to ndp-podcast@worldline.com

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