In-Vehicle Commerce: Revolutionising payments and business on the move

23 / 11 / 2023

In-vehicle commerce is a growing trend that is revolutionising the way people purchase goods and services while on the go. This paper, jointly authored by Worldline and Orange, brings you strategic insights about this fast-changing world, to help you to prepare your business for this exciting field.


Digital technologies are pervading new aspects of life. In the personal transportation domain, new vehicles are now digitally enhanced and digitally managed. All recent vehicles are connected ones, thanks to mobile connectivity, allowing for remote software updates, on-board infotainment and navigation services.

Get ready for the opportunities this will bring by reading this paper which will provide you with:

  • Market insights and the key trends of in-vehicle commerce.
  • Analysis of the potential open ecosystem and the roles of individual players.
  • An illustrative concept using state-of-the-art communication technology and an open in-car wallet to facilitate in-vehicle commerce.
  • Key business benefits and action required by different stakeholders.
  • Interviews with three leading industry experts.

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