Power up your payments in the U.S.A.

Worldline empowers global businesses to thrive in the U.S.A. by offering access to popular payment methods, exceptional performance, and swift remittances.

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A resilient market with untapped 
growth potential

With a robust digital infrastructure and a growing preference for online purchases, the U.S. landscape is ripe with opportunities for global e-commerce businesses to thrive and meet evolving customer demands.

sources: Worldometer, Statista

In-market expertise for outstanding payment performance

Worldline has a deep understanding of the U.S. financial ecosystem and regulations, developed through our local partnerships and team of in-market experts. We enable global e-commerce businesses to achieve their growth ambitions in the U.S.A. with our exceptional payment processing services. Through a single integration, we provide:

*On-us transactions offer higher approval rates and optimised processing costs because the issuing and acquiring banks are the same. Worldline is one of the select payment providers to offer this service to U.S. businesses.

**Local debit card routing will be available soon.

Payment products tailored for localisation

Provide your customers in the U.S.A with the flexibility to choose from leading credit and debit cards or convenient contactless mobile payment options, ensuring a smoother user experience and wider audience coverage. Moreover, our solution facilitates payments in over 130 currencies, while granting you the ability to receive funds locally or internationally in more than 20 major currencies.

Peak payment conversion guaranteed.


Through local acquiring, Worldline has helped merchants increase their approval rates on average by 2-3%, while optimising their transaction costs. At the same time, our solution enables businesses to accept local debit cards in the U.S.A, which otherwise can only be accessed via a local network, thereby increasing card coverage and providing more diverse payment options for better conversion.

Faster settlements. Stronger cash flow.

We enable you to receive your funds within 2 days of payment authorisation, thereby allowing you to further enhance your cash flow management and streamline business operations. Additionally, you can access centralised reporting for powerful insights, while benefiting from a dedicated team of payment performance experts who can advise and assist you in making the necessary system enhancements.

Onboarding made easy with advanced APIs.


In just a matter of days, you can effortlessly complete the onboarding process through a single API integration. Worldline’s user-friendly approach ensures that you get started swiftly, allowing you to focus your time and resources on what truly matters.