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Take control of PSD2 with our Exemption Engine

You still have the possibility to reduce customer friction during online checkout. With this dedicated feature, we make sure that exemptions to SCA (Strong Customer Authentication) are requested on your behalf every time possible.

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Maximise your conversion rate with a frictionless checkout process.

SCA is now mandatory for online transactions with some exemptions for low value or merchant initiated transactions and recurring payments. This brings with a high level of complexity to the merchant when deciding if they should prioritise customer experience or preventing fraud.

Don't worry, we make it easy for you! The Exemption Engine is built to maximise your conversion rates with a frictionless checkout process by predicting issuer behaviour using our vast transactional data. It performs real-time risk analysis per transaction and automatically selects the most appropriate exemption so that as many transactions as possible are exempted from SCA.  

How does it work?

Exemption requests follow a predefined flow.

Graphic exemption requests

Benefits at a glance.

The Exemption Engine is a powerful free-to-use feature available through our Fraud Expert module. This is available only through our latest integration layer (add hyperlink for integration layer to the Direct support site) and the Fraud Expert module must be active in your back office.

Contract your account manager or a payment advisor below if you would like to activate the Exemption Engine today for your online store.