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Pay by Link

Because there are more ways to accept digital payments than just through a website.

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Key benefits

Online payments made easy and accessible.

If you request payments from customers or invoice your suppliers via email, Pay by Link is an excellent way to stabilise or increase your cash flow. Simply add a button link to your emails to make it easy for your customers and suppliers to make instant payments.

Our solutions provide ultimate flexibility and performance for your business by adapting to your customers’ needs. Whether you are delivering food to your customers or coming to pick up goods at one of your stores, you can quickly send them a secure payment link through your preferred sales channel (SMS, email, instant messaging or social media).

All payments are processed in real-time, so you can be sure of secure and immediate authorisation.

Need to take payments over the phone instead of using a link?

Worldline even provides solutions for Mail order or Telephone order (MoTo) transactions. This is another easy way to accept orders where customers are not physically present in front of you. It is easy to use and does not require any specific infrastructure such as a webshop setup. Accept payments any time and from anywhere.

Are you already a customer or need assistance?

The Worldline Support Team is here to help.