Clicking ‘pay’ is central to each sale, ultimately governing a business’s success. Yet many merchants are unaware of how money makes its way across the ether. Each online transaction involves a variety of parties working in unison to get the funds from the shopper to the merchant bank account quickly and securely.

Having a deeper understanding of these processes helps businesses refine their operations for a better customer experience  and allows them to step in at the right part of the process if there’s an issue, reducing disruption and costs.

As a payment partner, Worldline will support you the whole way.

Payment performance videos

To go further and start optimising your payment set-up, watch our Payment Performance Series videos, in which our experts share tips and insights across the payment lifecycle.

What happens when someone clicks the pay button?

The institutions on the top are involved in the payment process. Your bank, the technical gateway, the acquirer, the various payment systems, etc.

In traditional models, you would sign a contract with each party, perform direct integration with multiple payment methods and – as a result – handle multiple reporting formats, manage multiple payment terms in your accounting cycles, and reach multiple contacts when you have a problem.

With Worldline's full-service offering, we simplify your life by providing you with an all-in-one payment solution for all your needs – and one point of contact to help you grow your business.

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