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Track & Trace

Enjoy 360º vision of your entire production and value chain.

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From security to sustainability via compliance, Track & Trace boosts your brand.

Worldline Track & Trace has a big role to play in today’s connected business. It’ll boost your fight against counterfeiting. Enhance your supply chains. Boost sustainability credentials. Help you stay compliant. And see you get closer to your customers by providing them with tangible data. If you’ve ambitions to boost the value and integrity of your brand, it’s essential.  

Track from manufacturer to first retail point.

Whether it’s for quality control, tax purposes or proof of provenance, the Worldline serialisation engine helps you see the exact provenance of products through a secure digital code. The entire production and value chain is covered by the tracking data, from manufacturer through to point of sale. And for ultimate security, innovative technology such as blockchain can be integrated.

Protect and build your brand.

Worldline Track & Trace helps you protect your brand. In a world flooded with counterfeit or grey goods, its tracking data helps enforcement agents and consumers check product authenticity earlier. It builds your brand credibility by providing comprehensive product information to end consumers as well as helping you demonstrate your sustainability credentials. And it delivers insights that can revolutionize your supply chain, boosting quality control.

Effective and agile.

Worldline Track & Trace is flexible enough to match your ambitions. Modular, scalable and based in the cloud, it can be phased in as and when you need it, integrating seamlessly with your existing supply chain systems with API interoperability. It'll boost international compliance too. And help with quality control. 

Tracking success whatever sector you’re in.

The tracking data that Worldline Track & Trace produces can be applied in so many ways. To cut illicit trade in tobacco. For automotive quality control. Food provenance. Sustainability credentials against a backdrop of new regulations. To cut counterfeiting in luxury goods and pharma. Whatever your ambition, Worldline Track & Trace has a critical application.

Information you can depend on.

You need 100% trust in your track and trace supplier. Worldline is unique since we’re a completely independent organization with an exceptional overview of the global supply chain and a reputation as a valued payments player to match. And for convenience, all tracking data is reported into a single database so it’s simple to access.

Traceability that benefits governments and citizens alike.

See how Worldline traceability solutions can help governments improve tax collection, fight counterfeiting and contribute to citizen protection via two complimentary suites - the Tax Control Suite and the Citizens Protection Suite.