Worldline launches Mobility Payments Suite to facilitate seamless payments and enhance access to mobility for all

Paris La Défense — 19 / 07 / 2023

Worldline [Euronext: WLN], a global leader in payments services, has launched Worldline Mobility Payments Suite, an end-to-end solution offering an enhanced, seamless and secure payment experience for all mobility operators and their customers.

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Creating a more equitable society, reducing humankind’s negative impact on the planet and creating opportunity for future generations are some of the macroeconomic benefits of smarter, more accessible public transport.

Modal shift from private to public transport is predicated on a smooth customer experience. Any friction is an obstacle for the consumer. Making the payment process seamless is one way in which transport providers and authorities can make things better.

Relevant personalisation, without compromising privacy, is an expectation of today’s consumer, inherited from the significant progress which has been achieved in the retail and hospitality markets. Worldline’s experience from these markets has been fed into our Mobility Payments Suite to bring this kind of customer experience into the Mobility market.

Consumers may use more than one form of transport to complete a journey. It is on this basis that Worldline has developed payment capabilities to support multi-modal mobility and bring together different providers into a single ecosystem.

Mobility Payments Suite includes a variety of experiential enhancements to meet all payment needs. The platform incorporates payment acceptance through a dedicated gateway at every point and channel of sale: whether that is face to face over the counter or via a ticket vending machine, or online, be that via mobile or web. Sitting proactively behind this is Worldline’s advanced fraud management capability, which using artificial intelligence and machine learning protects consumers and providers alike. Additionally, commercial acquiring ensures efficient and secure management and settlement of transactions to the bank accounts of potentially multiple providers in the mobility ecosystem. Transaction management of electronic payment activities are aggregated through a unique portal to ensure transparency and convenience. Simple and seamless payments become an added value to create a frictionless customer experience.

Sebastien Givry, Head of Mobility, Merchant Services at Worldline, explains: “Worldline’s role as a payment service provider is to facilitate and simplify all customers’ journeys, and quite simply to make travel seamless through payments. Customers expect the best and most efficient payment means to be accepted at the time they make their purchase or journey. Out of our ambition to combine innovation and CSR, Worldline is committed to providing high-quality payment services to support the fast-changing mobility sector. With our Mobility Payments Suite, we are delighted to offer mobility operators and their customers the latest, most seamless and secure solution available on the market today.”

More information on Worldline Mobility Payments Suite is available here.

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