Worldline e-Payments Challenge 2023 rewards pioneering payment solutions that reduce consumers' carbon footprint

Worldline’s corporate hackathon serves as a platform for Worldline and its ecosystem to co-work, co-innovate, and leverage Worldline's extensive resources to drive the development of cutting-edge payment solutions

Paris La Défense — 22 / 12 / 2023

Worldline (Euronext: WLN), a global leader in payment services, announces the success of its latest annual hackathon “the e-Payments Challenge”, and reveals the winners of the 2023 edition. More than 150 participants took part in the event at Worldline Paris’s headquarters between 29th Nov – 1st Dec 2023 including Worldline’s valuable customers: Auchan, Vega, KB, Gabriëls, Conforama, LBBW, Crédit Agricole, amongst others.

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e-Payments Challenge is Worldline's hackathon embarking every year on an inspiring co-innovation journey alongside its valued customers, partners, fintech and startups. During each edition, Worldline’s esteemed customers collaborate with innovative fintech and startups, uniting their efforts to swiftly create solutions for the ever-evolving payment challenges. The hackathon aims to expedite the innovation-to-market cycle, fostering sustainable partnerships that bring benefits to all participants.

After 36 hours of preparation, exclusive networking, expert discussion sessions, team-building activities and the intensive pitching session, Worldline is delighted to announce the winners of the e-Payments Challenge 2023.

Pi-xcels won the Grand Prix for their amazing fast integration with the Worldline Payment Interface product. It was recognised for the great potential of its solution which allows merchants to comply with the digital receipt regulation and propose a smart “No app just tap” feature grouping payment and interactive receipt in a single tap. This comes with a portfolio of value-added services from shopper data analytics to post-purchase engagement, without the need to download an application or use a QR code - perfectly matching our customers' expectations from Tier 1 to SMB.

Stabiliti won the Special Award for its globally scalable carbon removal solution allowing companies to track the carbon emissions associated with each payment transaction and for their customers to choose to contribute to local sustainable projects, ideally completing the Worldline Mobility MarketPlace product to propose optimised Mobility as a Service solution from train transportation to EV (Electric vehicle) charging services.

These solutions meet Worldline’s objectives by offering positive solutions to reduce the carbon footprint of its customers and their clients and are perfectly aligned with its CSR Trust 2025 programme.

In addition to these two specific prizes, addressing the 9 customers’ challenges, the winners are:

  • Stabiliti for Worldline challenge
  • Pi-xcels for Beauty retail challenge
  • Moveyou for Gabriëls challenge
  • Trudenty for Auchan challenge
  • Conversation24 for Conforama challenge
  • ReceiptHero for Vega challenge
  • Dotsha for Crédit Agricole challenge
  • Share.P for KB challenge
  • Troc Circle for LBBW challenge

Worldline would like to thank all fintechs and start-ups contenders who participated in this co-innovation event: Stabiliti Ltd, Share.p, Conversation24, Minima Global, Troc Circle UG, Lemonero, IQPay, Meelo, ReceiptHero, Video Window Ltd, Trudenty, Zynyo, Billiv, Myver, Dotsha, Authologic, Trust1Team, FYRE, Pi-xcels, SignCatch, MyDutyCollect, Card Dynamics and MoveYou.

This year’s e-Payments Challenge has not only continued the tradition of excellence but has elevated it to new heights. We've witnessed ground-breaking solutions that are not just innovative but also readily deployable, reflecting Worldline’s commitment to real-world applications.
The winning projects, including Pi-xcels and Stabiliti, have set a precedent in integrating CSR into their core functionality, transforming how we approach digitalisation and carbon offsetting. Pi-xcels’ approach to digital receipts and Stabiliti’s carbon removal solutions are not just technologically advanced, but also resonate with our CSR Trust 2025 programme, emphasizing the role of responsible business practices. This year’s edition has been a testament to how collaborative innovation can lead to concrete, actionable, and sustainable outcomes within the payments industry”, says Pascal Mauzé, Head of Communication, Marketing & Sales performance at Worldline.
“Pi-xcels is a start-up that helps retailers find out more about their customers through a uniquely seamless method of delivering digital receipts to shoppers. No email, no mobile phone and definitely no application or QR code. Shoppers just have to tap on a device, and through NFC, our solution is able to deliver their digital receipt. This e-Payments challenge allowed us to develop this innovative solution for a large retailer in the beauty market to help increase their interactions and post-purchase engagements with their customers”, said Zhen Rong Chua, co-founder of Pi-xcels.
Stabiliti is the first and the only company in the world to offer hyperlocal carbon emission tracking and smart offsetting on a real transaction by transaction basis and doing it live. Every single payment transaction that Worldline undertakes emits a small amount of carbon which we can track. Once tracked, a small fee is added to each payment transaction and that money goes to local sustainable projects close to where the transactions take place to match and remove the carbon emitted from the transaction. This means we’re going to start generating new green revenue that can start to fund the future of carbon projects and really make a difference on a global scale,” added Will Foulkes, CEO at Stabiliti.


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