Worldline’s WL Contact offer supports over a hundred European banks with their customer interactions

Bezons — 17 / 06 / 2021

Worldline [Euronext: WLN] the European leader in the payments and transactional services industry, has rolled out its next-generation Cloud-based solution, putting to good use the experience it has gained in managing customer interactions over a period of 20 years. WL Contact now supports customer communications of over 100 banks, mainly located in Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany and Luxembourg. In total, it handles more than 190,000 bank cards on behalf of these banks, and agents at the Worldline service center using WL Contact tools take around 215,000 calls every month.

La Défense, Paris, France

Worldline’s support unlocks productivity gains for banks

Worldline’s customer service center deals with all types of queries for bank cardholders. They may want to put a block on use of their card if they have lost it or had it stolen, check the balance of funds on a prepaid card, or request general information about the bank card.

From the banks’ perspective, bringing in Worldline can save time and unlock productivity gains, especially where handling customer interactions requires an immediate and effective response together with highly secure customer request processing.

Through the successful introduction of self-care in the WL Contact solution, Worldline’s teams can concentrate on dealing with the request itself and achieve greater efficiency levels. Should a customer wish to put a block on a bank card, the Worldline service center agent no longer has to explain all the relevant steps—a process that used to take a fairly long time. The agent can simply put a block on the card, then transfer the call to the automated call handler, which provides the customer with the information they need.

The goal is to help agents resolve all issues during the initial interaction by providing all the information customers require in an automated manner.

With the WL Contact solution, the majority of customer calls can be handled in an average of 20 to 40 seconds, and the call abandonment rate is less than 5%.

During the pandemic, WL Contact has enabled banks to maintain high-quality relationships with their customers.

“Despite the difficulties arising from the pandemic, Worldline took on the challenge of rapidly implementing its solution, which primarily aims to deliver enhanced customer relationships. Not only was it an internal challenge for Worldline’s teams, it was also a challenge to meet the expectations of banks, as remote customer relationships are crucial strategically for them. Research shows that 96% of customers who experience poor customer service are less faithful to a brand, whereas the figure is just 9% for those who receive satisfactory service[1]. This relationship with their customers is especially crucial in a COVID-19 world”

Claude France, Head of Mobility & e-Transactional Services (MTS)

[1] Source: The Effortless Experience by Matthiew Dixon

The teams at Worldline’s WL Contact competency center successfully modeled the solution, while meeting the expectations of the customer service center—and they did so entirely on a remote basis. What’s more, given the solution’s versatility and ease with which it can be adopted, it has been rapidly integrated with banks’ information systems to handle queries securely.

The success of this project proves the efficiency of the methodology adopted by Worldline’s various teams. It has built even stronger levels of trust between banks and their customers.

In 2020, Worldline was recognized as a global cloud contact center provider by OMDIA, the global technology research powerhouse, with its WL Contact solution.


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