Why Customer Care Matters

Caring for your customers build an emotional connection with them, moving beyond basic customer service to creating a positive customer experience.

Customers Care

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Nothing should matter more to a business than keeping customers satisfied, especially in times when they need it most.

When a customer contacts support, chances are it’s because they have an issue or a question they need to be answered promptly. Failure to resolve the issue, or at least show that your team is doing all they can, will have the customer feeling frustrated and possibly start looking for other alternatives. And nobody wants that. The cost of attracting a new customer is five times that of retaining an existing customer.

Bottom line to keeping your customers? Show them you care.

“Easier said than done,” you may think.


Enter Customer Care

Customer Care? Isn’t that just Customer Support?

Not quite.

Customer Support is the reactive part of a business and is used when a customer has a problem. The Customer Support team reacts to an issue and tries to find a solution.

Customer Care is a bit different, it takes a more proactive approach.

The overarching goal is to have your customers need as little support as possible. The more user-friendly and intuitive a product is, the less a customer will need to reach out for help.

A Customer Care team is a unique approach to handling customer interactions. You need to have confidence in your services, as well as confidence in your team.


What makes Customer Care unique?

What makes Customer Care unique is the target and focus of the team. Unlike most service roles, the team doesn’t measure success in how long it takes phone calls to be resolved. The goal is not to just fixing the problem as quick as you can.

When a customer reaches out to the Customer Care team the rep on the other side is exploring different options with probing questions to find the root of an issue.

It takes time to help the customer understand what went wrong, so they can proactively stop it from happening again.


All these factors lead to the positive customer experience

And things don’t stop there.

Customer success does not fall in one department alone. It is about supporting each other internally, communicating, and trying new methods. When you care for your customers, you build an emotional connection with them, moving beyond basic customer service to creating a positive customer experience.

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