Sibos 2023: further developing the payment industry together

12 / 09 / 2023

Sibos is back in less than a week. Alessandro Baroni, Head of Financial Services at Worldline, looks ahead at this year’s focus topics and sessions.

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Sibos 2023 Toronto

As Head of Worldline Financial Services, I am thrilled to kick off this blog series for Sibos 2023 and represent Worldline at such a distinguished event. At Worldline, we value the exchange of expertise and recognise the power of fresh insights and the discussion of new trends in the payments industry. Sibos 2023 is set to facilitate all of this and more.

This year's Sibos, held in Toronto, Canada, will debate the theme of "collaborative finance in a fragmented world". A timely topic in the context of current payment trends, economic changes and geopolitical events influencing and shaping the present and future of the finance world. Now more than ever, it is crucial for payment providers and financial institutions to keep their finger on the pulse of the why, how and when.

I am pleased to share that Worldline will actively participate in this event, hosting and joining multiple informative sessions. And like previous years, we will actively report on key insights debated and discussed during Sibos. I anticipate an event full of inspiring sessions, insightful discussions, and inspirational interactions with fellow industry leaders. Year after year, we witness the evolution of existing trends and the emergence of new ones, keeping the payments industry fresh and exciting. 

You can expect coverage of various topics during Sibos 2023. Expert speakers from across the industry will address multiple issues, such as the importance and impact of working together to create a sustainable and inclusive financial sector, risk management in economic and geopolitical uncertainty, and navigating the balance between technology and trust. 

Also discussed will be AI's impact on payments, fraud management advancements, instant and digital payments and the power of partnerships, all of which will be detailed in our upcoming Sibos 2023 blog series.

Of particular importance to us at Worldline are the trends within emerging payments technology, and broader investment into digital currencies, new forms of payment, and a deeper exploration of the customer experience. From cross-border immediate payments and banking as a service, to CBDC and next generation banking and fintech collaborations, I eagerly anticipate further debate and discussion due to the substantial development seen in recent years and those to come. 

I am pleased to share that this year, Stefan Traber, Head of Messaging and Connectivity Products at Worldline, will represent us at the Sibos Exhibitor Theatre with his presentation ‘Reassessing Your Swift Connectivity to Boost Operational Efficiency and Ensure a Future-Ready Solution,’ exploring how partnering can be an option to pave the way for enhanced innovation and unique customer-facing services. Join this session on September 19 from 14.15 to 14.45 Eastern Time, Exhibitor Stage 2, and reimagine where your competitive edge truly lies to discover new strategies that help you focus on differentiating in an evolving financial landscape. 

As in past years, we will incorporate insights and input obtained from key sessions into a series of blogs featured on Worldline's blog platform. We recognise the importance of immediacy, so you can expect our series of insightful blogs to be published shortly after each respective session's conclusion. By delivering (almost) real-time coverage, we extend the opportunity for all financial enthusiasts to actively follow Sibos 2023 without needing a physical presence. 

In addition, we will share our insights and Sibos-related blogs on our Sibos event page and via a special edition of our newsletter for financial institutions. If you don’t want to miss a beat, I invite you to subscribe here

We look forward to meeting many of you at the event at booth C20. For those not attending Sibos 2023, be sure to keep an eye on our blog for all the latest updates and subscribe to our newsletter.

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Alessandro Baroni

Head of Worldline Financial Services
Since 2023, Alessandro Baroni has been Head of Financial Services aiming at driving Worldline to the next level of sustainable performance in these activities. He was previously Deputy Head of this Global Business Line since 2020. Alessandro holds a Bachelor in Business Administration from Bocconi University, Milan. Previously, he was Chief Business Divisions Officer after being Chief Market Officer for Financial Services in Worldline. Before Equens was acquired by Worldline in 2016, he has been part of Equens’ Board of Directors since 2011, first as responsible of the cards business, then as Group CIO and finally as CMO. He joined Equens in 2008 upon the incorporation of Equens Italia, the Italian entity set up by ICBPI and Equens SE as a vehicle for their strategic partnership, for which Alessandro was in a leading role since its origination. Prior to joining Equens, Alessandro worked for the Boston Consulting Group in Milan and Toronto as a consultant.