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Keep it safe with a passwordless, multi-device SCA (Strong Customer Authentication) solution for all your sensitive operations.

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How to provide a seamless and secure Strong Customer Authentication solution?

The increase in personal online services provides users and businesses with convenient access to meet their daily needs. However, this progress also brings risks for your users and businesses. In response to these threats, Worldline provides effective tools to secure user’s sensitive use cases. To ensure that Strong Customer Authentication is not seen as a burden, Worldline Trusted Authentication is a simple way to implement SCA – whatever the user’s device - through an easy, intuitive user interface. Using multi-factor authentication solutions, it helps banks, merchants, public sector organisation and beyond, create experiences that are seamless and secure.

Trust us to keep you secure.

There are many reasons you should rely on Worldline Trusted Authentication to enable strong customer authentication on all devices. Here are just some of them:

Orchestrate authentication factors.

With our powerful SCA solution, you can easily adapt the type of factors and the level of authentication (1/2/3 factors) according to the use cases. We propose a wide range of authentication factors from different category (possession, knowledge, inherence) available in our catalog that can be used as preferred factor or as fallback factor. This is widely configurable to guarantee an optimized adaptability to your digital strategy.

An SCA solution adaptable to your business strategy.

Worldline Trusted Authentication is a soft token-based solution – accessible through mobile devices and browsers – to keep payments and sensitive operations secure and seamless. Easy to deploy and customisable around your digital strategy, this multi-factor authentication (MFA) solution can apply to all devices and use cases. Furthermore, this solution is provide with a highly secure platform, strengthened by over 100 advanced probes and detectors to fend off a wide range of cyber-attacks. We ensure the protection of all your clients' personal information by providing dedicated expert security personnel who are committed to safeguarding your data at every stage of the product lifecycle.

Meet the needs and habits of your users.

The accessibility of digital products is now essential for customers. In the rapidly digitalizing financial ecosystem, it is critical for industry players to develop strategies that are inclusive to all customers. Consequently, Trusted Authentication has been designed as a user-friendly and intuitive SCA solution to meet the daily needs of all our customers. Our MFA solution is tailored for accessibility across all devices, and audited in compliance with the European Accessibility Act, the WCAG standards and the PSD2.

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