The Future of Authentication: Exploring the impacts of FIDO

05 / 04 / 2024

In 2013, the FIDO Alliance was created with the aim of eliminating passwords and offering a browser-based authentication solution. This whitepaper aims to highlight the role of FIDO as well as the use cases and impact on financial institutions and merchants. Furthermore, it will underscore Worldline’s role and ongoing initiatives.

The Future of Authentication: Exploring the impacts of FIDO.

This comprehensive white paper delves into the transformative world of authentication technology and its potential impacts on various industries, particularly financial institutions and merchants. In recent years, the FIDO Alliance has revolutionized the authentication landscape by striving to eliminate the dependency on passwords and introducing a browser-based solution that promises enhanced security and user experience.

This white paper serves as a crucial resource for understanding the purpose and significance of the FIDO Alliance and how its cutting-edge technology, FIDO2, can profoundly impact businesses across sectors. Gain valuable insights into the latest FIDO trends and explore the wide range of use cases that demonstrate the immense potential of FIDO authentication.

Additionally, this white paper highlights Worldline's role and ongoing initiatives in the realm of FIDO authentication. As a leading player in the digital payments and transactional services industry, Worldline's involvement with FIDO is instrumental in shaping the future of authentication. Through this white paper, learn about Worldline's approach and strategies in leveraging FIDO's groundbreaking technology to provide seamless and secure solutions for businesses and users alike.

Join us in exploring the future of authentication and uncover the potential of FIDO to transform the way we interact with digital platforms, making the online world more secure and accessible for all.


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