Leveraging AI in human-centered banking customer services | Expert paper

01 / 09 / 2021

Improve customer engagement and service quality by understanding clients’ expectations based on intelligent, customised experiences. This can be achieved by Leveraging AI customer service.

Cartoon of a three people in a call centre

As a financial advisor, how can you enhance human Interactions? By using collaborative work practices, speeding up response times through automation, engaging with clients on their preferred channel while securely exchanging contractual documents.

As a bank client, how can I get fast and qualitative answers to my questions on my favorite channel? By being known every time I contact the bank, understood when I encounter a problem and coached when I need build a financial plan.

Unlocking value from secure interactions between millions of banks clients and advisors in Europe.

Based on our 15-years+ experience and in-depth market research, this paper examines each customer segments expectations and provides tangible advices on how to best meet them. Download the expert paper and learn more about:

  • How to anticipate Trust & Proximity needs? Communication has significantly evolved since the appearance of messaging apps, and so have the expectations towards customer service. Organizations must remain close to their clients, be present on their preferred digital channels, such as social media, use AI to apply personalization in communications and live assistance for support.
  • The best usage of AI and collaboration tools. Embrace state of the art technology without compromising customer experience. Agents can be more effective in customer interactions with the help of AI. The new challenges brought by the High Volume Of Queries have been tackled by the effective use of bots.
  • Proactively mitigating Security & Confidentiality risks. Digitalisation of services implies also new threats, especially with cyberattacks, or compliancy with data regulation. As financial experts, it is necessary to provide a top notch security environment to process sensitive operations and smartly manage data.